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Heavy Duty Linebacker Cable Protectors

5 Channels (Available in 5, 4, 3, 2 channels)

Description of Heavy Duty Linebacker Cable Protectors

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A very reassuring choice when dealing with Heavy Vehicular Traffic.

Construction sites, parades and carnivals are always in need of temporary cable protection for the cables that bring power their machinery, stages and concession stands. And to put cable protection into perspective, just imagine your entire crew, show or business at a 'stand still' because someone drove over the power cables and shredded them to the point they had to be replaced. Or the ultimate job-site nightmare: someone tripping, falling, and injuring themselves because someone was reckless and just left the cables, hoses, or wires simply laying on the ground, unprotected!

The Linebacker Cable Ramps come in bright yellow and red color combination to notify traffic while the polyurethane material can withstand a load capacity of 20,150 lbs per tire(40,300 lbs/axle).

All Linebacker Cable Protectors have "T" Connectors that interlock to extend the length.

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  • NSN #: 5975014690892 (5-Channel)
  • NSN #: 5975014965269 (4-Channel)
  • NSN #: 5975014965495 (3-Channel)
  • NSN #: 5975014965191 (2-Channel)

US HTS / Schedule B# 3926.90.9995

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Features and Benefits

  • All-weather polyurethane construction.
  • Up to 40,300 lbs load capacity per axle.
  • Hinged lid makes for easy insertion of cables.
  • Extra strength T-connectors allow for any length.
  • Raised tread marks on the top increase traction and reduce slipping.


More Info

Specification Data Load Capacity
Channels Max Load 70F (21C)
Material Polyurethane (UV stabilized) 5 Channel 20,150 lbs per tire
40,300 lbs per axle
Operating Temp. -40F to 120F (-40C to 48C) 4 Channel 20,150 lbs per tire
40,300 lbs per axle
Hinge Pin Material Reinforced fiberglass 3 Channel 14,210 lbs per tire
28,420 lbs per axle
Safety Symbols Per ANSI. Z535.3-1991 2 Channel 10,880 lbs per tire
21,760 lbs per axle


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