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EZ Rubber Cable Protectors

from $39.99

Extreme Rubber Cable Protectors - RPS

from $59.99

The Goliath Drop Over Cable Protector

from $69.99

D-200 RubberDuct™ Cable Protector - Electriduct

The heavy duty D-200 rubber cable protector is one of our more popular models because of its four channels (two large center channels and two smaller outside channels) and low-profile design, making it versatile in being an indoor/outdoor cable protector.
from $72.50

Eagle Speed Bumps

Molded from durable polyethylene, Eagle's parking lot speed bumps are a cost effective solution for traffic safety and control.
from $73.18

The Falcon Polyurethane Cable Protector - RPS

Keep your cables tightly held out of harms way with this cable ramp.
from $77.50

D-300 Rubber Duct™ Hose Protector - Electriduct

To offer protection for large cables or hoses, the D-300 is designed to withstand warehouse/outdoor abuse and heavy traffic.
from $85.00

The DO-MAX Single Channel Cable Protector

The DO-MAX "Drop and Go" with maximum protection.
from $95.00
from $79.99

The HAWK Cable Protector by Electriduct

A 3 channel, Heavy Duty Cable Protector at an economical price!
from $99.00

Cable Guard Protectors

Construction and utility industries use very expensive electrical hoses and cables. Protection is a must, from the heavy machinery to the adverse weather conditions. In the entertainment industry, the power and telecommunications cables always need protection from local automobile traffic. Cable Guards is the resolution for safety.
from $109.00

CR900 Rubber Cable Protector - RPS

Ideal solution for cables and wires protection. Suitable both for indoor and outdoor usage.
from $115.00

The Nite HAWK Cable Protector by Electriduct

A heavy duty cable protector that glows in the dark!
from $119.99

Do-Max 2 Drop Over Cable Protector

Light and Strong, the Heavy Duty Bumble Bee Cable Protector makes carrying/transporting cable protectors a pleasure to those outdoor job sites!
from $122.12

Guard Dog Low Profile Cable Protectors

Provide an easy and safe way to organize and protect valuable cables from pedestrians and vehicles.
from $123.38

Furrion Portable Cable Ramp

Furrion's new Portable Cable Ramp System designed for the demands of marine, recreational, and industrial uses.
from $125.00

Bumble Bee Low Profile Cable Protectors

Built like the heavy duty cable protectors, except in a low-profile design!
from $127.38

Grip Guard Cable Protectors

The lightest polyurethane cable ramps in the world.
from $129.99

Guard Dog 3 Channel Drop Over Cable Protectors w/ Dog-Bone Connectors

Protect industrial cords, electrical cables, hoses or pipes with this heavy duty, 21,000 lbs of load protection drop over.
from $134.87

RubberForm Pipe and Hose Ramp

Reusable construction ramps.
from $136.91

Bumble Bee Cable Protector

In regards to heavy-duty cable protection, the Bumble Bee Cable Protector is ideal when there is light vehicular traffic. With a load capacity of 25,000 lbs ‘per axle’ , there is still plenty of protection for cables, hoses, and wires from getting damaged from constant truck/vehicular traffic!!
from $139.99

5 Channel Polyurethane Cable Protector - Titan

from $149.99

GUARD DOG Cable Protectors

Whether it's foot traffic, small carts, or vehicular traffic, the Guard Dog Cord Cover will get the job done right! And that is to basically protect your equipment, prevent people from tripping and more importantly, keep your operation running smoothly.
from $155.00

Defender MIDI Cable Ramps

Contains 5 cable ducts and a hinged lid to easily organize your cables
from $159.99

General Purpose LINEBACKER 5 Channel Cable Protector

Perfect solution where Cable Protection is required against pedestrian & vehicular traffic.Lightweight, easy to install, easy to transport because of the built in carrying handle but is extremely durable.
from $164.99

Linebacker Single Channel Cable Protector

The Linebacker® Single Channel Cable Protector, available in Black or Orange, provides protection for cables and hoses that lay in front of vehicular traffic by giving vehicles a platform in which to drive over without harming cables/hoses.
from $165.00

GUARD DOG Low Profile ADA Compliant Cable Protectors

Ultra low and ultra sleek, you wont even know it's under your feet!
from $177.60

Yellow Jacket Cable Protectors

In regards to heavy-duty cable protection, the Yellow Jacket Cable Protector is perfect when there is going to be heavy vehicular traffic.
from $195.00

FireFly® LED Illuminated Cable Protector

Light up the night with LED technology
from $199.00

Yellow Jacket Advanced Modular System Cable Protectors

Strong enough to withstand forklift and vehicular traffic, coupled with an extremely adaptable design make the Yellow Jacket the perfect choice to cover cords or wires for your warehouse or workplace!
from $230.85

Heavy Duty Linebacker Cable Protectors

This is the "top of the line" in polyurethane Cable Protection systems.
from $245.00

Cross-Guard ADA Compliant Access Ramp & Rail

This lightweight, 36 wide modular ADA compliant ramps and rails are slip resistant and work in conjunction with the Linebacker HD-5 to provide a safe crossing point for wheelchairs, carts and other vehicles with small wheels.
from $265.00

Bumble Bee GM - General Manufacturing - Cable Protector

The Bumble Bee® GM was principally designed to protect cables running across the floor in robotic cells, in which traffic is limited to foot traffic.
from $289.00

4 Channel General Manufacturing Linebacker Cable Protector

from $349.00

WIDE Yellow Jacket Cable Protector 3 Channel

WIDE Yellow Jacket Cable Protector 3-Channel
from $618.95

Xtreme Guard Heavy Duty Cable Protectors - Load Bearing of 30 to 40 Tons - Elasco

The strongest cable protector that we know of.
from $928.00
Electriduct has cable management systems that extend far beyond merely protecting your cords and wires from occasional office foot traffic. We carry the heavy duty cable protectors and heavy duty cable covers that can withstand the toughest construction usage, no matter how much equipment you roll across it. From parking stops to speed bumps, single and multi-channel drop over units, we have the affordable solution you need to keep your electrical cords and cables safe from harm, so you can extend the life of your equipment. Made from the highest quality materials, like stout molded polyurethane and high-durability rubber units from brands you know and trust. Names like Bumble Bee, RubberForm, Guard Dog and Linebacker. These brands have impressive track records for industrial applications, and are the first choice for veteran contractors everywhere.

A quick walk through our catalog, and you'll find Linebacker heavy duty cable protectors, perfect for construction sites, parades and other events that require temporary cable protection in high traffic areas. Need to maintain ADA compliance on your job site? Our Cross Guard access ramps and rails provide slip resistance for wheelchairs and vehicles with small wheels. Looking to protect PVC pipes and tubes from the constant flow of subcontractor vehicles? The RubberForm pipe and hose ramps are reusable and provide extreme protection for even the busiest job sites. We even carry specialty items like the Nite Hawk heavy duty cable covers, which provides illumination for clear night visibility, because you know you don't always stop working when the sun goes down.

It simply doesn't matter what you need your heavy duty cable covers and heavy duty cable protectors for, you can count on Electriduct for the selection you need and the value your budget requires. Making sure you get exactly what you need to get the job done is what Electriduct is all about, and we have over 50 years of experience in taking care of all your cable management system needs. If you have any questions on the products we carry, or a custom order, you can call one of our knowledgeable and courteous customer service professionals at 866-673-9590 at any time.
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