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Ideal Hole Saw Arbors

Hole Saw heads for cutting anywhere from 1/4 round to 3/8 hexagon.
from $4.61

Bi-Metal Hole Saws with 3/8" Pilot Bit

Choose from 6 sizes for wood and plastic. Includes 3/8" pilot bit.
from $17.99

Greenlee Hole Saws, Arbors, and Pilot Draws

Greenlee's hole saws allow you to cut through steel, tin, aluminum, fiberglass, wood and plastic.
from $9.33

IDEAL Ironman Bi-Metal Hole Saws

Hole saws made of bi-metal, designed for fast, clean cuts.
from $8.65

Piranhabits QUATTRO Flex Wood Auger Bits

Flexible flex wood drill bits for feeding cable and drilling around corners.
from $13.50

Milwaukee Thunderbolt® Black Oxide Drill Bit Sets

Black Oxide Drill Bits built stronger than most standard drilling products.
from $30.20

Auger D'VersiBIT® System

Drill bit system that can drill, bend, and be retrieved easily.
from $30.30

GREENLEE Metal Stud Punches

from $261.31
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