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Home `n` Office Small Drop Over Cord Protector (Stained)

Description of Home `n` Office Small Drop Over Cord Protector (Stained)

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(Stained) Home 'n' Office Cord Protectors

Due to the manufacturing process, few of these great cord protectors are produced with minor defects. Although they are perfect structurally, some of the external looks are less than perfect. Since these items have minor blemishes (discoloration and abrasions), we are offering them at $19.99!

The 45 Turn accessories with blemishes are being offered at $7.50.

Designed to meet customer demand for light duty cable covers that are easy to install, protect people from tripping hazards, and cables from getting damaged.

The Home 'n' Office Cord Cover is made of rubber and has a center channel of 1.5" wide by 0.5" high. This drop over comes in 5 foot increments with T-connectors to allow the cable protector to fit the length of YOUR application!

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