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Side Entry Cable Wrap Sleeving with Hook & Loop Fastener

Side Entry Cable Wrap Sleeving

Description of Side Entry Cable Wrap Sleeving with Hook & Loop Fastener

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Safe and secure, that's what this velcro style cable wrap sleeving promotes. This is the fastest way to protect your cable runs, simply wrap this polyester braided sleeving around cable bundles and use the hook and loop to keep closed.

The versatility of this braided wrap is unmatched, no need to feed cables through like traditional sleevings, cable breakouts are possible anywhere, no cable ties needed like other side-entry sleeving without velcro, and maintaining, removing or adding cables is quick and easy.

Applications for the Side Entry Cable Wrap Sleeving is anywhere and everywhere, home, office, automotive, marine and more.

Material: Polyester
Fastening Material: Polyamide
Operating Range: -50C - 150C
Melt Point: 230C
Flammability: VW-1
Certificate: RoHS, Halogen Free

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Please Note: We can only provide up to 50 feet in continuous lengths.
100 FT orders will consist of two 50 FT pieces.

Interested bulk orders of 250 or 500 Feet?
Contact us for pricing

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