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Energy Series E08 E-Z Chain - IGUS

IGUS E-Z Chain Carrier

Description of Energy Series E08 E-Z Chain - IGUS

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The IGUS E-Z Chain is an affordable and lightweight, maintenance-free carrier system used to guide and protect cables and hoses from debris such as wood chips or metal shavings, and prevents them from breaking, corkscrewing, or tangling on automated machinery. It is also temperature and water resistant so it can be used for extreme condition applications.

The E-Z Chain is able to handle high loads and has been specifically constructed for quiet operation, while its smart design and small pitch allow fast and easy access. Its limited bend radius protects cables for best performance, and its multi-axis movement for a faster operation.

The IGUS Chain is made from igumid NB a strong material that allows torsional rigidity and torque resistance, and it withstands temperatures from -22 F to 212 F (-30 C to 100 C)

Ideal to use in fields such as medical lab equipment, robot dress-out, packaging machinery, machine tools, custom machines, extendable trailers and tele-handlers.

Please click the "Specifications" tab for additional dimensions of the E-Z Chain

For Installation Dimensions and Mounting Bracket dimensions, please click the "More Information" tab.

Full Mounting Bracket Set includes Tie Wrap Plate w/ Tie Wraps.

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More Info

Material (chain) igumid NB
Material (mounting brackets) igumid G
Permitted Temperature -22F/212F (-30C/+100C)
Gliding Speed Max. Conditionally suitable
Unsupported V Max. 32.8ft/s (10m/s)
Flammability Class (chain) VDE 0304 IIC UL94 V2
Flammability Class (mounting brackets) VDE 0304 IIC UL94 HB

Installation Dimensions

 R 1.10" (028mm)
1.50" (038mm)
1.89" (048mm)
 H* 2.99" (76mm)
 3.78" (96mm)
 4.57" (116mm)
 D 2.36 (60mm)
 2.75" (70mm)
 3.15" (80mm)
 K** 5.12" (130mm)
 6.30" (160mm)
 7.48" (190mm)
* The required clearance height is HF = H + 0.59" (15mm) with 0.20 lbs/ft (0.3 kg/m) fill weight.
** The length of the curve

 Pitch: 0.79" (20mm) per link
 Links per ft (m):
 15.254" (50mm)
 Chain length:
S/2 +k

Mounting Brackets

 Chain Type
Mount Bracket Part #
Bore Locations
# of Teeth
Dimension A
Dimension B
 E08-10 HC-IG-EZ-080-10-12PZ Center Only
 1 - 0.72" (18.2mm)
 E08-16 HC-IG-EZ-080-16-12PZ Center Only 2 - 0.95" (24.2mm)
 E08-20 HC-IG-EZ-080-20-12PZ Center Only 2 - 1.11" (28.2mm)
 E08-30 HC-IG-EZ-080-30-12PZ Outer Only
 3 0.87" (22mm)
 1.50" (38.2mm)
 E08-40 HC-IG-EZ-080-40-12PZ Outer Only 4 1.26" (32mm)
 1.90" (48.2mm)
 E08-50 HC-IG-EZ-080-50-12PZ Outer Only 5 1.65" (42mm)
 2.29" (58.2mm)


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