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J Channel Surface Raceway

J Channel Surface Raceway - Black

Description of J Channel Surface Raceway

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The J Channel raceway is an easy to install cable management tool used around desks and tables to gently hold lose cables running to telephones, lamps, computer monitors and other components.

The self-adhesive backing allows for mounting on furniture, baseboards and walls.

Available only in 48 inch length, but can be cut by the end user to a specified length.

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Features and Benefits

  • Made of durable PVC plastic and includes self-adhesive backing and can be mounted on furniture, baseboards and/or walls
  • Can be mounted horizontally or vertically
  • Each piece is 48" in length and can be cut by the end user to a specified length


SR-J Raceway 6/24/2013
Reviewed by: Susan from VA.
We just received this product in and it seems to be exactly what we are looking for. I will definitely be ordering more. Service was great and shipping extremely fast.
Beyond my expectations 9/4/2012
Reviewed by: Matthew Friedman from Los Angeles.
This is just an absolutely awesome product. It's super easy to thread the cables into , and very easy to cut. What's more, the cuts were both clean and smooth. But what really surprised me was how sturdy the adhesive strip was. I was attaching it to a stained, porous wood 2x4, and was expecting to have to screw it in, but the adhesive did a great job! No need to screw in! Highly recommended. The only con to me was the price of shipping. That seemed a little high.
consumer 10/5/2009
Reviewed by: Derek C from Gilbert, AZ.
The Racetrack I bought worked perfect. I will by more!!


More Info

Easy installation:

  1. Measure area where you’ll be installing the J Channe.
  2. If needed, cut J Channel to desired length
  3. Remove backing from adhesive strip and discard
  4. Adhere J Channel to area
  5. Insert your wires and/or cables. Recommend that you bundle wires utilizing cable ties.


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