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JDSU Tone Generator - TG101

Description of JDSU Tone Generator - TG101

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The Tone Generator TG101 engineered by JDSU is a very handy tool that can perform line tracings and verifies that transmission signal flowing through data or telephone cables is excellent. An Automatic Shut-off feature on this low voltage tone generator helps conserve the life of the 9 volt alkaline battery. Different tone functions can be used to test several lines at once. Any phone set can pick up the tone which can be added from any mode. Troubleshooting dead phone lines can now be accomplished because this tone generator provides talk battery power to allow talking on that line.

The JDSU Tone Generator can be used with wearable or standard cell phone headset and comes with RJ11 to angled bed-of-nails cord set (TG20), and RJ12 to RJ12 cable for no-fault connection to RJ11 or RJ45 jacks (TP20), lanyard, and 9-volt battery.

1 week lead time.

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Features and Benefits

  • Three different tones can be obtained from front panel
  • Consistent tone amplitude over life of battery
  • Two tone magnitude levels half and normal
  • Automatic Shut-off after 3 hrs to preserve battery life
  • Add tone in any mode phone sets without monitor feature can also pick up tone
  • Continuity mode draws no power no battery usage
  • Separate Talk Battery mode for higher voltage and power for Butt sets
  • RJ11 jack allows use of modular cable or provided alligator clip leads


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