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Jameson Easy Buddy Rodder

Jameson Easy Buddy Rodder

Description of Jameson Easy Buddy Rodder

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From Jameson comes the Easy Buddy Rodder, built to dispense and wind up push-pull rods. Made out of solid fiberglass, the core rod is non-conductive, strong, flexible, and safe to utilize when installing cable. Protected from abrasion by a polymer coating, breakage is a rare event to happen to the Jameson fiberglass cable rod. Etched into it are 5ft incremental markings to subtract the need for constant measuring during operations.

Fully portable in the lightweight frame, the Jameson Rodder is also on wheels, able to be rolled around as you go. Able to bend at a radius of 4, the Easy Buddy push-pull rod can handle tight turns and long runs. When operating the reel, use the drag break to control how much rod is dispensed for each task. The Jameson Easy Buddy Rodder comes with a male fitting and tapered pulling eye to feed and fish cables.

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Features and Benefits

  • Solid fiberglass, non-conductive 1/4" core rod
  • Strong, flexible, and safe
  • External rod protected from abrasion by a polymer coating
  • Permanently etched 5ft incremental markings allow for easy measuring
  • Fully portable because of a lightweight frame with wheels
  • Comes with a male fitting and tapered pulling eye
  • Handles tight turns and long runs
  • 4" bending radius and 400lbs pulling strength

More Info

 Bending Radius:
 Pulling Strength:
 400 lbs
 Dimensions: 11" x 24" x 28.5"
 Weight: 300': 28.5 lbs
400': 31 lbs


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