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Cable Cove and Rack Frames - Kendall Howard

Cable Cove 2 Post Rack

Description of Cable Cove and Rack Frames - Kendall Howard

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Choose between our high quality selection of two and four post server racks.

Cable Cove 2-Post Rack offers and ideal way to mount components. This compact server rack allows you to organize and manage all your cables and is ideal for network components and equipment. Its open racks have a generous 4 internal cove for cabling, side panels have routing and ganging holes to mount multiple units together. Rails have universal mounting holes compatible with almost all cage nut sizes available on the market today.

These Soho server racks are made in the USA with steel, and can be freestanding or bolted to the floor (floor mounting hardware not included.)

Four Post Rack Frames are strongest adjustable knockdown Four Post 41U Open Frame. Racks are made in the USA from square tube steel patent pending design and assembled with just a few bolts, this racking system is both affordable and versatile.

The frame is 36 deep, with fully adjustable cage nut style rails from 6 to 36, includes levelers.

Check out our accessory page for great products that compliment your network cabinet or server rack.

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More Info

Cable Cove 2-Post Rack
Height 41U
Width 19"
Weight (empty) 81 lbs
Load Capacity 1200 lbs
Material 14 gauge steel
Color Black

Four Post Rack Frames
2 Post Rack 4 Post Rack
Height Outside 78 75
Height Inside (Usable Space) 71.75 72
Width Outside 24 23.5
Width Inside (Usable Space) 19 19
Depth Outside N/A 36
Depth Inside (Usable Space) N/A Adjustable 6 36

Optional Casters add 4-1/2" to height of unit.  Weight capacity with casters is 1000 lbs.



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