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Triple Fan Panel - Kendall Howard

3U size panel with 3 cooling fans.

Description of Triple Fan Panel - Kendall Howard

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The Kendall Howard triple fan panel is the perfect cooling systems for your server and network enclosures. Taking up the same amount of space as a 3U filler Panel, Kendall Howrad's triple fan panel comes with three 105 CFM ultra quiet fans - that's 315 Cubic feet of Air per minute.

Unlike other Fan Panels on the market this a custom configured cord that is design to only take up one outlet space with in your racking system. No longer do you need one outlet per fan. Save space for power and move more air, and protect your investment for a long time to come.

Fan Kit includes:

  • 1 x Fan Panel
  • 3 x 105 CFM Fans
  • 3 x Fan Guards
  • 1 x Fan Cord with 3 Fan plug

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