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Universal Rack Shelving - Kendall Howard

1U Four Point Adjutable Shelf

Description of Universal Rack Shelving - Kendall Howard

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Selection of high quality, strong and durable rack shelves.

Component Shelves: Heavy-duty rock-solid shelves suitable for monitors, modems, DSL routers, tape players, backup units, and virtually anything you can think. The mounting flanges are press welded onto each other and wrap completely around the bottom giving greater stability and strength. Choose between vented and non-vented shelves according to your needs. Component shelves are a great way to store your non-rack mountable components.

2-Piece Telco Rack Shelf: Specially made to fit any EIA compliant 2 post open rack, and is made to hold at least 200 pounds, so you can be sure your components will be securely placed on this shelf. You can choose to mount the shelf in two ways: right side up with front flanges to prevent any slippage of equipment or upside down to allow for a larger surface area. Screws and cage nuts are needed for installation onto rack and sold separately.

Centerline Shelves: are double-sided shelves that allow you to increase not only the room but also the weight capacity of your vented and non-vented shelves. The vented design allows for better airflow in the rack keeping the equipment cool and running. Perfect for use in open frame relay racks to support large monitors, CPU’s or printers. Allows for more equipment room and better air flow.

Fixed Shelves: are designed to work with portable and modular rack systems. Racks are made of heavy gauge steel and support up to 300 lbs. You can be sure your components will be securely placed on this shelf because its front flanges prevent any equipment slippage.

4-Point Adjustable Shelves: are among the most versatile and innovative shelves in the market because they are capable of adjusting from 22 inches all the way to 40 inches deep. Shelf flanges keep contents from falling off the shelf. The adjustable shelf can hold up to 250 lbs evenly distributed.

Keyboard Shelves: Choose between a stationary or rack-mountable version designed to fit almost any rack system. Stationary shelves are lightweight and sturdy making them ideal to use for portable, modular, Telco and Relay racks. Keyboard drawers attach at only two pints and are fully retractable usable with 19 inch two post racks as well as four post racks.

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Features and Benefits

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More Info

Component Shelves:

  • Constructed from heavy 14-gauge steel and individually formed by hand
  • Radius corners for optimum safety and handling
  • Front and back flange to ensure your components cannot slide off
  • 1U unit is so strong even many heavy flat screen monitors will mount with ease.
  • 2U unit will support just about any monitor or other medium weight component.
  • 3U unit is the strongest of rack shelves. With its ability to use 12 mounting holes, there is almost nothing you cannot mount on this shelf.
  • 5 year manufacturer warranty

2-Piece Telco Rack Shelf:

  • 19" EIA 310-D Mounting compliant
  • 5 year manufacturer warranty
  • Made in the USA

Centerline Shelves:

  • Patent pending design
  • EIA compliant
  • Made of 14 gauge steel

4-Point Adjustable Shelves:

  • Adjusts from 22” to 40” deep
  • Supports 350 lbs evenly distributed
  • Entire shelf adjusts for maximum use of space
  • Made of 14 gauge steel


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