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Spacer Blanks - Kendall Howard

Universal spacers for 19" network racks.
from $5.85

Rack Screws and Cage Nuts - Kendall Howard

For use with racks, cabinets and enclosures.
from $8.97

Universal Wire Minder - Kendall Howard

A great accessory for cabinets, shelves and racks.
from $9.06

Kendall Howard V-Line Fixed Wall Mount Open Rack

Easy to assemble open rack enclosures.
from $11.64

Kendall Howard Wall Mount Hardware Kit

Mount wall cabinets to a variety of surfaces and structures.
from $14.63

Cable Management Accessories - Kendall Howard

Route cables and give your netword enclosures that professional setup.
from $17.00

Hinged Patch Panel Wall Brackets - Kendall Howard

If you're looking to mount patch panels or other small equipment our Kendall Howard swing out mounting brackets were designed with you in mind!
from $26.00

Universal Rack Shelving - Kendall Howard

Selection of high quality, strong and durable rack shelves
from $30.40

Wall Mount V-Rack - Kendall Howard

Easy to intall, the V-Rack mounts vertically or horizontally to wall, desk, cabinets and more!
from $35.91

Kendall Howard Quiet & High Speed Fan Assembly Kits

from $36.00

Kendall Howard Wall Mount CPU Bracket

A desk mount for securing and protecting CPUs.
from $44.00

Portable Rack Caster Kit - Kendall Howard

from $51.96

Wall Mount Rack - Kendall Howard

Kendall Howard introduces a low-cost, easy to install two-piece design wall mount rack.
from $87.78

VCR / DVR Security Lock Box - Kendall Howard

If you are looking for the perfect solution to house security VCR and DVR equipment, then this is a product for you.
from $117.00

Triple Fan Panel - Kendall Howard

Give your equipment the cool air it needs to perform at its optimum level.
from $146.36

Cable Cove and Rack Frames - Kendall Howard

Selection of high quality two and four post racks
from $238.00

12U Side Mount Wall Rack - Kendall Howard

Making server installation and maintenance easier.
from $297.95

Computer WorkBench with Full Bottom Shelf - Kendall Howard

The Kendall Howard Performance WorkBench is a high-quality, versatile and modular computer work station that allows you to design any computer workbench layout according to your needs
from $446.88

Kendall Howard 3110 Series Linier Server Rack Cabinets

Enclosures designed to store and ventilate network systems.
from $840.00
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