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Klein Navigator Spiral Steel Fish Tape

Klein Navigator Spiral Steel Fish Tape

Description of Klein Navigator Spiral Steel Fish Tape

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The Klein Navigator Spiral Steel Fish Tape and Winding case is one of the top product packages to buy when looking to feed cables through walls, or even around them. Great for heavy duty, jobsite projects, the pull tape can lug around up to 500lbs of cable. For helping with fighting rust, the steel tape is also brass-plated. As mentioned, Klein Tools Navigator Spiral Fish Tape can move around many bends, and feeds cables through multiple runs and smaller conduit diameters. Of course, like so many fish tape products, this one comes in a Hi-Viz, orange winding case.

Equipped with an extra-large Grip-It handle, the case can be held at different angles, especially when using gloves, and prevents the fish tape from bending or jamming on the rewind. The reel will turn in either direction for one-handed operation, which is a nice touch for industrial workers who need a hand free. Designed with four viewpoints around the case, you can find out at anytime how much feed tape is left with a quick glance. Another smooth design is the enlarged guide slot that makes dispensing fish tape faster. Really, the Klein Navigatorô Spiral Steel Fish Tape and Winding Case package is hard to resist.

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Features and Benefits

  • Pulling force up to 500lbs
  • Comes in highly visible orange case
  • Has great navigational abilities: bending, running through conduits, etc
  • Has 4 viewpoints for visually seeing how much tape is left
  • Eyeloop holes hold up to 5 unstripped 12AWG wires
  • Reinforced ribs give handle a no-slip grip
  • Wind case made of impact resistant plastic to protect the fish tape from damage
  • Fish tape is brass plated to fight rusting
  • Enlarged guide slot for dispensing tape faster and smoother
  • Steel tape is super-flexible


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