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Krimpa Step Down Butt Splices

Krimpa Step Down Butt Splices

Description of Krimpa Step Down Butt Splices

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Make splicing wires easy with the Krimpa Step Down Butt Splice connectors, able to connect wires of two different AWG in one connector.

Some of the innovative characteristics of these butt splices are:

  • A clear window for visual confirmation of proper insertion.
  • Crimp indicators for a correct termination.
  • Color coding for American wire gauges, and more.
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Available in insulated or uninsulated models, the Krimpa Step Down Butt Splice wire connectors can fit many application uses.

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Features and Benefits

  • Connect wires of 2 different wire gauges with the same connector
  • Clear window allows for visual inspection during installation
  • Crimp terminal has a uniform copper wall for crimping smaller diameter wiring
  • Crimp indicators are on the terminals to indicate where the barrel should be crimped for a perfect termination
  • Color-coded to indicate the wire AWG
  • Butt connector has a wire stop to prevent you from over inserting wires
  • Provides superior crimp performance and strain relief
  • Available as insulated or uninsulated

More Info

 Heat Shrink Tubing
 MaterialMultiple wall polyolefin tubing with meltable, integral inner wall 
 Applicable SpecificationsMIL-I-23053/4, Class 1 
AMS 3534
UL File E-157227
 Temperature Rating-55 C to 110 C 
 Tensile Strength2200 PSI 
 Longitudinal Change+1, -10 
 Recovery Temperature 135 C
 Dialectic Strength 900V/Mil
 Voltage Rating600V 
 Corrosion ResistanceNon-Corrosive 
 Fungus ResistanceNon-Nutrient 
 Water Absorption< 0.1% 
 (Solder if applicable)
 Melt Temperature149 C (300 F) 
 Applicable SpecificationsJ-STD-006 
 Solder contains any or all of the followingAntimony, Cadmium, Copper, Indium, Silver, Iron, Aluminim, Nickel, Arsenic, Zinc, Bismuth, Gold, Tin, Lead 
 Flux1%-3% RMA 
 Applicable SpecificationsJ-STD-004 
 Patent NumbersButt Connectors: US 6,838,621 B2, US 6,677,529 B1


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