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LSDI Wet Noodle

LSDI Wet Noodle Kit -

Description of LSDI Wet Noodle

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To save yourself labor and fatigue when performing cable installations, use the one and only LSDI Wet Noodle. Grab the complete kit that includes a 24" flexible insulated retriever with one 1/4" magnetic, a 3/16" magnetic end, one 10" football chain with Stop, and an 18" telescoping pocket retriever.

The LSDI flexible retriever and magnet make retrieval of wires or the ball chain a snap; the ball chain and stop-ring are designed to be picked up by the magnet on either side; the telescoping pocket retriever hooks and latches onto the ball-chain; each piece of this kit is part of a larger puzzle to make the job stress-free. The LSDI Wet Noodle works best in uninsulated walls and is great for jobs where space and vision are limited.

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Features and Benefits

  • Complete kit provides a fast and easy solution for creating entry and exit points for cable installations
  • The 24" flexible, insulated retriever uses a magnet for easy wire retrieval
  • Compact and lightweight for easy storage and use
  • Extra 1/4" magnet is attached to the original magnet for more pulling strength
  • Works best in uninsulated walls
  • 1 Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty



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