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Locking Channels & Wire Clips

Locking Channels and Wire Clips

Description of Locking Channels & Wire Clips

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Routing wires, covering cables, keeping a tidy area, this sounds like a job for Locking Channels. These surface raceways come with pre-installed adhesive tape that mounts to walls, baseboards, and desks. After mounting, a Locking Latch Design allows for easy installation and access to your cables.

Can be used in conjunction with the Locking Channel, The Wire Clips offer cables the freedom to be steered in any direction you need. Same great locking design and pre-installed adhesive backed tape, this product holds and secures loose wires and cables around the work stations.

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Black Locking Channel 3/31/2014
Reviewed by: Gary from Connecticut.
This channel looks so much better under our kitchen island's counter than the yellow cable with insulated cable staples that my contractor wanted to use. It nearly disappears in the shadow. And Electriduct provided good service, though the shipping charge was almost as much a the single length of channel. But still worth it.
Owner 8/15/2012
Reviewed by: Bradley G from Eastern TN.
Durable, Inexpensive, Cuts easily, looks great. What more can I say?
Home owner 1/27/2012
Reviewed by: Frank Bulen from Cleveland.
Excellent product. Searched everywhere for the right system to cover cables and wires going up and along the wall. Sticks so well you'd need a screw driver to pry it off. Definitely recommend.


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