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Lok-Kit II PC Security - Byte Brothers

Lok-Kit II Plates, lock, keys, Super Bond™, and 5 ft. steel cable.

Description of Lok-Kit II PC Security - Byte Brothers

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If desktop security is your problem, then the Lok-Kit II PC Security System is your answer! Designed by Byte Brothers/Qualtec Security Systems as a 3 plate system, the Lok-Kit II PC Security keeps more office equipment, peripherals and desktops safe across the globe than any other security kit on the market. Capable of being adhered to any surface with the Liquid Super Bond adhesive, these three metal plates have the strength to hold over 700 pounds. Included in the kit is a five foot steel cable to link each piece together or to a single anchor point.

To install, simply apply the Super Bond to the metal plates, and attach the plates to your office equipment and the anchor point, then feed the cable through the plates and lock them together.

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