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MGC Silicone Conformal Spray

MGC Silicone Conformal Spray

Description of MGC Silicone Conformal Spray

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Covering your electronic devices with a protective coating is usually ideal, but it always comes with a mess. Why not try an aerosol from MG Chemicals, a Silicone-based Conformal Spray? It's clear, tough, and protects your electronics from moisture, static discharge, and corrosion damage -- that makes it a perfect addition for repairs and maintenance. The liquid form cures in 4-48 hours and doesnt need a catalyst; the process can be accelerated with heat up to 212F. There is also a pen form of the silicone coating for smaller applications.

UL94 Rated, CSA Approved, and meeting military standards MIL-1-46058C type SR, this product is all quality. You can use Conformal Spray on your fiberglass, plastic, epoxies, and metals in hot or cold climates, making it highly versatile. For removing the silicone coating, its easy to do with the accessories below: Silicone Coating Conformal Coating Stripper and coating cleaner. A few clicks and you can get the whole package.


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Features and Benefits

  • Protects against static discharge
  • Dries quickly
  • Cures between 4-48 hours
  • Meets Military MIL-1-46058C type SR
  • UL94V-0 Rating
  • CSA Approved #l0 4000-4068
  • One Year Standard Warranty

More Info

 General Specifications
 CSA Tested(file# L0 4000-4068)
 UL Recognized (file# E203094)
 Meets UL 94-
Shelf Life5 years
Flame Class94V-0
Service Temperature Range-40C to 200C (-40F to 350F)
Specific Gravity of Liquid0.96
Liquid Viscosity14.4cps
Solventsxylene, acetone
Percent Solids by Weight25% (liquid), 15% (aerosol)
Tack Free Time30 minutes at 20C
Full Cure48hrs@20C (68F), 60min@65C (149F)
Dielectric Properties
Dielectric Strength80KV/mm (2000V/mil)
Dielectric Constant @100MHz2.7
Loss Angle Tangent @ 100MHz0.001
Volume Resistivity, Ohm*cm1x10^14
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage @ 1,500 VDC for 1min (IOC-TM-650)Pass
Aerosol Specifications
 Physical and Chemical Properties
 Physical StateAerosol 
 Evaporation RateModerate
 Specific Gravity0.96
 Vapor Pressure40 PSI @ 21C 
 Vapor Density3.1 (Air = 1) 
 Stability and Reactivity
 StabilityStable at normal temperatures and pressures. 
 Conditions to AvoidTemperatures over 40C, ignition sources, and incompatible materials 
IncompatibilitiesStrong acids, bases, oxidizing agents, sodium, barium, and aluminum
 PolymerizationWill not occur 


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