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1500 Series Steel Cord Cover and Accessories - Wiremold

Wiremold steel raceway proves to superior to than plastic cord covers because of its assortment of accessories to help create a custom cable run.
from $21.10

2600 Series Steel Cord Cover and Accessories - Wiremold

The 2600 series pancake over floor steel cable protector is the same design and material at the 1500 Series, but a larger size that can accommodate more cables and wires.
from $26.00

D-22 Rubber Duct™ Cord Cover - Electriduct

The D-22 medium size rubber duct is perfect to accommodate more or larger cables that are found in offices and warehouses.
from $28.00

Super Duty Extra Large Plastic Cord Cover

A super-sized cord cover designed to protect large wire and cable bundles whiile preventing tripping accidents.
from $29.99

Cable Guard Drop Over Cable Protector

Available in 3 different sizes to fit your needs, the Cable Guard Drop Over Cable Protector will guard your stangnant cables from abuse found in any indoor or warehouse environment.
from $36.00

FastLane Drop Over Cable Protector

For a fast solution to covering exposed cables, the FastLane™ Drop Over Cable Protector is excellent for indoor use.
from $43.81

D-100 Rubber Duct™ Cable Protector - Electriduct

The D-100 series medium size rubber cable protector is a must for those high traffic office and warehouse areas that require protection for many or large cables.
from $44.75

ChordSavers ClubSaver Cord Cover

ChordSavers ClubSaver Cord Cover is the largest of all the ChordSavers and helps combine order and safety to valuable equipment.
from $62.50

Electriduct Medium Size Cable Cover

Made from rubber, the Electriduct® Medium Size Cable Cover is flexible enough to contour to any floor, provides superior grip for foot traffic and can handle the harsh elements of outdoor environments.
from $69.99
from $49.99

Extreme Rubber Drop Over Cable Ramp

A 3 channel drop over rubber cable protector that can support vehicle traffic and costs a lot less than its polyurethane counterparts.
from $69.99

MegaDuct Cord and Hose Cover and Bumper

Designed to protect larger cables, such as power cables and cords, from light industrial vehicles and/or heavy foot traffic.
from $75.40

The DO-MAX Single Channel Cable Protector

The DO-MAX "Drop and Go" with maximum protection.
from $95.00
from $79.99

The HAWK Cable Protector by Electriduct

A 3 channel, Heavy Duty Cable Protector at an economical price!
from $99.00

Cable Guard Protectors

Construction and utility industries use very expensive electrical hoses and cables. Protection is a must, from the heavy machinery to the adverse weather conditions. In the entertainment industry, the power and telecommunications cables always need protection from local automobile traffic. Cable Guards is the resolution for safety.
from $109.00

The Nite HAWK Cable Protector by Electriduct

A heavy duty cable protector that glows in the dark!
from $119.99

Do-Max 2 Drop Over Cable Protector

Light and Strong, the Heavy Duty Bumble Bee Cable Protector makes carrying/transporting cable protectors a pleasure to those outdoor job sites!
from $122.12

Guard Dog Low Profile Cable Protectors

Provide an easy and safe way to organize and protect valuable cables from pedestrians and vehicles.
from $123.38

The FOX Single Slot Cable Protector

3" Model On Sale!
Lowest Price Ever!

Made from polyurethane, this modern style cable protector comes in four different sizes to provide superior protection for many applications.
from $125.00

Furrion Portable Cable Ramp

Furrion's new Portable Cable Ramp System designed for the demands of marine, recreational, and industrial uses.
from $125.00

Bumble Bee Low Profile Cable Protectors

Built like the heavy duty cable protectors, except in a low-profile design!
from $127.38

Grip Guard Cable Protectors

The lightest polyurethane cable ramps in the world.
from $129.99

Linebacker Single Channel Cable Protector

The Linebacker® Single Channel Cable Protector, available in Black or Orange, provides protection for cables and hoses that lay in front of vehicular traffic by giving vehicles a platform in which to drive over without harming cables/hoses.
from $165.00

Yellow Jacket Advanced Modular System Cable Protectors

Strong enough to withstand forklift and vehicular traffic, coupled with an extremely adaptable design make the Yellow Jacket the perfect choice to cover cords or wires for your warehouse or workplace!
from $230.85
Electriduct carries an exceptional selection of medium duty cord covers, including a full line of medium duty cable protectors and medium duty cable covers. No matter what cable management need you're addressing, we offer perfect fit solutions that not only provide high quality materials, but affordable pricing to meet any budget. Check out the 1500 and 2600 steel medium duty cord covers. Stronger than plastic or rubber units, they also allow for elbows and direction change requirements to ensure that no matter what your floor plan looks like, your cords and cables will be protected from heavy foot traffic. Manufactured to exacting specifications, Electriduct's catalog of medium duty cable protectors is designed to keep your cords and wiring safe, while providing a deterrent to slip and fall accidents at home or in the workplace.

Need an outdoor solution? Check out our drop over medium duty cable covers like the Extreme drop over rubber cable ramp, with three channels and the sturdiness to withstand a steady flow of vehicle traffic. Electriduct also carries molded polyurethane medium duty cord covers like the DO-MAX single channel cable protector, with a diamond tread pattern for superior traction, and a bright yellow finish to ensure proper visibility. Electriduct believes in providing the highest quality cable management equipment, and brands like Yellow Jacket, MegaDuct and FastLane are names that are synonymous with top shelf protection. Your electronics equipment holds too much value to settle for anything less.

No matter which medium duty cable protectors fit your specific need, you can count on several things at Electriduct. First, the price will be reasonable, which means that you can save some of your hard-earned money without sacrificing quality. Second, Electriduct has the industry's most impressive customer service department, so you are ensured of having a hassle-free and smooth shopping experience on our website. If you have any questions about our products, you can reach us at any time by calling our toll free number, 866-673-9590, and one of our helpful and professional product consultants will make sure you find the medium duty cable covers you need.
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