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MegaDuct Cord and Hose Cover and Bumper

Description of MegaDuct Cord and Hose Cover and Bumper

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Geists MegaDuct Cord Cover and Bumper stays in place without the curl that can sometimes affect cord covers.

Made of durable PVC (polyvinyl chloride) material which is also quite flexible, the Megaduct hose protector can be used for other applications such as a surface bumper on posts and or poles, in vehicle, nautical and loading facilities.

The MegaDuct cable protector is available in 3 and 5 feet lengths, and in order to accommodate larger plugs and cords, the bottom center channel can be removed using a knife, box cutter or any other sharp blade.

Please click the "Specifications" tab for additional dimensions.

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Features and Benefits

  • Durable but flexible PVC material
  • Protects large power cables or cords from heavy foot traffic or light industrial vehicles
  • Can also be used as a bumper in automobile, nauticul and loading areas
  • Bottom center channel can be removed to accommodate large cords and cables (please refer to More Info for specific instructions)
  • Side inside channel 0.75" tall
  • Recommended storage: 70 °F (21 °C) with 50% relative humidity


MegaDuct Cord and hose cover bumber 10/4/2016
Reviewed by: Cathy Sumida from Hawaii.
It has multiple cords that I needed to have more.
System Administrator 10/24/2011
Reviewed by: Charlie from St Louis Missouri.
Great Product. We had to trunk AV, Network, and Power for a conference room, it held all those cables and more.
Senior Compliance Engineer 5/5/2011
Reviewed by: Warren J Tanaka from Fort Collins.
Great product. Covers/protects multiple cables of various sizes.


More Info

Instructions of How to Remove Center Channel (Optional)

To accommodate large cords or cables, the center channel may be removed by using a knife, box cutter, or other sharp blade. safely slice.

  1. Using the pre-scored lines on the bottom of the MegaDuct as your guide, cut approximately 2 inches along the line (image below)
  2. Use pliers to grip the end of the cut piece and pull the center channel out along the remaining length of the duct.


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