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CL Series Cable Ladders - Middle Atlantic

Middle Atlantic CL Series Cable Ladder Wire Management System and Accessories

Description of CL Series Cable Ladders - Middle Atlantic

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Bulk wire management is made simple with the fully customizable CL Series Cable Ladder and Accessory System from Middle Atlantic. Constructed of fully welded amazingly tough ASTM A570 rated structural steel, this cable ladder system provides enduring support under heavy cable loads and while suspended. Astonishingly, this heavy-duty cable tray system can support 187 lbs. per foot based on the 4 ft. ladder span!

When your existing ladder system fails, don't bother with replacing the whole system! Compatibility with the bigger and more popular brand name cable ladder systems allows you to simply replace the failing section in your system with the highly durable, Middle Atlantic cable support sections. Middle Atlantic's huge selection of accessories and hardware for their CL Series Cable Support System makes fabricating personal rack systems more customized than ever.

Available individually packaged, for smaller or pre-existing systems, with handles easing transportation to and from your work site; Also available in a contractor pack for your bigger, industrialized jobs.

When you need to manage cables don't be left in the dirt. Get your bulk cables off the ground with the heavy duty Middle Atlantic CL Series Cable Ladders and Accessories!

*For part numbers and additional information check the "More Information" tab below, or check the "Specifications" tab for additional specs.

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Features and Benefits

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More Info

CL Series Cable Ladder
ASTM A570 Structural Steel
Double Layered Black Powder Coat

Rungs Per Ladder
6 Ft. Straight Ladder
10 Ft. Straight Ladder
90 Horizontal Bend Ladder
90 Vertical Bend Ladder

cULus Classified:
UL E239321
EIA/TIA Compliant:

Cable Ladder Weight Capacity
Support Span
Weight Rating Per Foot [Meter]
4 Ft. [1.2 m]:
187 lbs. [26 kg]
5 Ft. [1.5 m]:
119 lbs. [16 kg]
6 Ft. [1.8 m]:
83 lbs. [11 kg]
7 Ft. [2.1 m]:
62 lbs. [9 kg]
8 Ft. [2.4 m]:
50 lbs. [7 kg]


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