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Middle Atlantic MK Series 19" Cable Management Racks

Racks built for cable routing and seismic activity.
from $4.66

Middle Atlantic RK Series Laminate Equipment Racks

Install multimedia equipment overhead with secure and stylish enclosures.
from $7.42

Utility Panel - Middle Atlantic

Mount surge protectors, power strips and electrical boxes to your standard server racks with this Utility Panel from Middle Atlantic. The possibilities are endless!
from $10.79

WRP/WRS Series Low Profile Wall Cabinets

Easily accessible cabinet for small spaces.
from $11.64

CL Series Cable Ladder Junction and Splice Hardware - Middle Atlantic

When you want to expand your Cable Ladder System this extensive collection of Junction and Splice Hardware creates endless possibilities.
from $12.13

Horizontal Cable Managers - Middle Atlantic

Keep your network cables well managed and organized with an array of Middle Atlantic Horizontal Cable Managers from.
from $13.00

Middle Atlantic RL Series Open Frame 2-Post Rack

Store equipment with a stable open frame rack.
from $13.19

Middle Atlantic RLA Series Aluminum Two-Post Open Frame Rack

Two-post rack enclosures for hefty weight jobs.
from $13.19

VT Series Vented Rack Mount Panels - Middle Atlantic

Bolster your rackmount and hide unsightly empty rack mount slots while increasing airflow and ventilation with Middle Atlantic's VT Series Vented Rack Mount Panels.
from $13.25

Interior Gooseneck Rack Lights - Middle Atlantic

from $13.25

Claw Wallmount Hanger - Middle Atlantic

Perfect for keeping your cables organized and out of your way. A dual-size claw construction allow this wall mount hanger to efficiently store your cables no matter their size.
from $17.54

CL Series Cable Ladder Accessories - Middle Atlantic

Fully customize your cable ladder wire management system with our huge variety of accessories from Middle Atlantic.
from $18.71

Middle Atlantic SRS Series Sliding Rail System

Sliding theater rack for secure storage of electronic devices.
from $20.98

Rackmount Cable Tray - Middle Atlantic

Cost effective and efficient, Middle Atlantic Rack Mount Cable Trays are the perfect way to manage your rack system's stray cables. These Rackmount Cable Trays are also a great way to protect and organize those cables. Available in 1U and 2U RMS, our horizontal cable trays will fit most network cabinets and server enclosures.
from $21.00

Hinged Panel Mounts - Middle Atlantic

from $23.66

Middle Atlantic Cabinet Frame Rack Insert

A cabinet insert for hiding away electronic equipment.
from $29.32

Middle Atlantic Grommets

Protective Grommets for floor and wall component cabinets.
from $35.00

Horizontal Lacer Bars - Middle Atlantic

Cable management made easy! Our Horizontal Lacer Bars by Middle Atlantic allow you to use cable ties and fasteners to control and organize network cables within your server rack or network enclosure.
from $35.60

Middle Atlantic Preconfigured ERK Series Enclosures

Ready-to-go rack enclosures for DIY multimedia installations.
from $35.96

Brush Grommet Panels - Middle Atlantic

Keep the cable entry on your network cabinet clean and organized with the Brush Grommet Panels from Middle Atlantic.
from $37.25

Middle Atlantic Overhead IDF Intermediate Distribution Rack

Mountable overhead power distribution cabinets.
from $45.16

Middle Atlantic Fans and Tops for ERK Enclosures

Middle Atlantic ERK Fans and Tops are the ideal accessories to customize your 35RU, 40RU or 44RU enclosures.
from $45.89

Middle Atlantic SR Series Pivoting Rack Enclosures

Pivoting enclosure for cable concealment and equipment storage.
from $46.71

VLBX Series Time-Lapse Recorder Lock Box - Middle Atlantic

When security is a high priority secure your Time-Lapse Recorder with this secure lockbox brought to you by Middle Atlantic. Your security surveillance equipment has never been safer!
from $49.98

Middle Atlantic CableSafe Data Wall Cabinet

Rackmount for cable management and datacom.
from $50.23

Vented Double-Sided Rack Shelf - Middle Atlantic

from $51.79

Middle Atlantic Slim 2 Series Sloped Desktop Racks

Low-profile desktop rack enclosure.
from $53.80

PPM Pivoting Panel Mounts - Middle Atlantic

Middle Atlantic's Pivoting Panel Mounts are the ideal choice for wall mounting patch panels and network equipment.
from $57.24

Middle Atlantic R2 Series Seismic Open Frame Rack

Frame rack enclosure for locations prone to seismic activity.
from $61.45

Middle Atlantic RDR Series Designer Racks

Home theater racks able to hold up to 800lbs.
from $67.00

Middle Atlantic HDR-4 Horizontal Distribution Rack

For cable management and wire access, store components in this HDR-4 rack.
from $72.39

Middle Atlantic Zero Clearance Latch

Store computer equipment and wiring safely with this pivoting rack.
from $72.53

CL Series Cable Ladders - Middle Atlantic

Create a convenient and efficient bulk wire management system with Middle Atlantic Cable Ladders. Customize your cable ladder system with a slew of accessories designed to fit any needs you require and keep your bulk cables off the ground.
from $74.00

Middle Atlantic Vertical Wall Mount Rack

19" high rack enclosure that can fit any depth.
from $75.65

Rack Mount Lockboxes - Middle Atlantic

from $78.50

High Density Slim Power Strips - Middle Atlantic

from $80.33

Unswitched Power Strips - Middle Atlantic

Our rack mount Unswitched Power Strips are the convenient answer to power distribution in your server rack and network cabinet!
from $102.47

Middle Atlantic Adjustable Depth Hinged Panel Mounts

Rack enclosures for tight spaces and adjustable depth.
from $103.85

Optional Doors for EWR Series Wall Mount Racks - Middle Atlantic

Middle Atlantic offers a selection of plexiglass and vented front doors for the EWR Series 19" Wall Mount Rack
from $104.43

Rack Mount Power Strips - Middle Atlantic

9 total outlets with EMI filtering and surge protection get the power supply you need to power your rack mount equipment with the Middle Atlantic Rack Mount Power Strips.
from $109.71

Vertical Lacer Strips - Middle Atlantic

Secure your cable bundles with Vertical Lacer Strips from Middle Atlantic Products. Use the built-in tabs and secure your cable bundles to the perforated steel lacer strips simply by attaching cable ties and fasteners.
from $119.22

WM Series Wall Mount Open Frame Racks - Middle Atlantic

Middle Atlanticís WM Series Wall Mount Open Frame Racks are an affordable mounting solution with 8U, 15U or 30U wall mountable racks available in 12U or 18U depths.
from $125.07

Vertical Rackmount Shelf - Middle Atlantic

from $130.00

115 Volt Rack Mount Light with Power Distribution - Middle Atlantic

from $135.00

LT-1R Rackmount Light - Middle Atlantic

Shed light on your network electronics with this Rackmount Light from Middle Atlantic.
from $149.69

Rackmount Sliding Keyboard Shelves - Middle Atlantic

from $151.20

REB Series Rotating Sliding Base - Middle Atlantic

from $185.00

Middle Atlantic ISRK Under Desk / Mobile Presentation Rack

A convenient cabinet that can be stored under your desk.
from $207.44

Middle Atlantic SFR Swing Frame Wall Rack

Use this wall rack to make the best use of your installation space.
from $212.12

DLBX Series DVR Lockbox - Middle Atlantic

from $212.70

EWR Series Wall Mount Rack - Middle Atlantic

The Middle Atlantic EWR series wall mount rack is not only an economical option for installing smaller systems, it offers an unparalleled quality for use in secure and non secure environments.
from $222.80

Rack Mount Light w/ 15 Amp Power Distribution - Middle Atlantic

Illuminate your rackmount components AND provide power distribution capabilities to your network cabinet or server rack today with Middle Atlantic's Rack Mount Light with 15 Amp Power Distribution.
from $230.06

Middle Atlantic Rolling Studio Racks

Professional and modern looking rolling server racks.
from $295.06

Self Contained Power Distribution Units - Middle Atlantic

6 rear outlets with 6 step self sequencing and single or dual circuit configurations make the Middle Atlantic Self Contained Power Distribution Units a must have power outlet for your network cabinet and server rack.
from $359.64

Middle Atlantic SWR Series Shallow Wall Racks

Slim wall enclosure for networks in small spaces.
from $396.68

Middle Atlantic TOR Series Tilt Out Wall Rack

A low-profile rack enclosure for tight spaces.
from $410.00

Ultra Quiet Fan Panel - Middle Atlantic

Keep your server racks and network cabinets cool with our Ultra Quiet Fan Panel from Middle Atlantic. Designed to appeal to the eye, this server rack accessory makes very little noise so you won't even know it's there.
from $410.41

Middle Atlantic ERK Stand-Alone Enclosures

Middle Atlantic ERK Stand-Alone Enclosures are high quality, configurable and available in many sizes such as 35RU, 40RU and 44RU with a complete line of accessories and cooling options.
from $435.08

Middle Atlantic DWR Series 19" Wall Mount Rack

Middle Atlanticís DWR Series wall mount racks are ideal to use when floor space is limited and you are installing a larger system, its pivoting sectional and enhanced cable management features will work perfectly in secure and none secure environments.
from $442.58

Rotating Slide Out Shelving System - Middle Atlantic

ASR rotating slide out shelving system is an economical alternative to access components and wiring in entertainment centers, custom cabinetry, and millwork.
from $534.20

Middle Atlantic 19" Rotating Sliding Rail System SRSR

Sliding theater rack for easy storage of equipment and devices.
from $542.61

PTRK Portable Rolling Racks - Middle Atlantic

Middle Atlanticís PTRK Portable Rolling Rack is ideal for applications that require a rugged rack with easy mobility.
from $625.00

MRK Series Rack Enclosures - Middle Atlantic

Middle Atlantic MRK Series Racks are a versatile line of enclosures, ideal for to use where co-location enclosures are needed or easy side panel access arises, or where earthquakes are a possibility
from $700.00

Middle Atlantic SCRK / SCQRK Series Enclosure

Middle Atlantic SCRK enclosures are ideal for applications that need ganging of cabinets for the surveillance or monitoring equipment.
from $720.00

Heavy Duty Rotating Slide Out Shelving System - Middle Atlantic

Middle Atlanticís Heavy Duty Rotating Slide Out Shelving System combines the functionality of a professional racking system with the simplicity of adjustable shelves.
from $735.65

Uninterruptible Power Supply - Middle Atlantic

Save energy and your equipment by installing a UPS for your network enclosure.
from $745.99

Middle Atlantic DRK Series Cable Management Enclosures

Heavy-duty rackmounts for network cable installations.
from $1,023.12

WMRK Series Configured Multi-Vendor Server Enclosure

Middle Atlanticís WMRK multi-vendor server enclosure is a pre-configured enclosure rack that comes with cable management, passive thermal management and a power strip to meet the requirements of server installations
from $1,800.00
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