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Rack Mount Power Strips - Middle Atlantic

Middle Atlantic Rack Mount Power Strips

Description of Rack Mount Power Strips - Middle Atlantic

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Offering 9 total outlets with EMI filtering in addition to surge and spike protection, our 115 Volt 15 and 20 Amp Rack Mount Power Strips from Middle Atlantic are exceptionally affordable. Choose from several models with options including multiple outlets, plug types, different finishes and switched or un-switched modes. All models come with a 9 foot power cord except for two models that come with a 20 foot power cord, eliminating the need for an extension cord.

915 Models - 15 Amp Rack Mount Power Distribution Units
Our standard model Rack Mount Power Strip Surge Protectors are 9 inches in length allowing easy access to the 8 rear outlets. Located on the front of the Rack Mount Server Rack PDU is the ninth outlet for added convenience, along with an illuminated power switch/circuit breaker combo. To protect your sensitive server rack equipment EMI filtering with differential and common mode surge/spike protection come standard on these Rackmount Power Distribution Units. They are also UL Listed under File # E204950.

920 Models - 20 Amp 9 Outlet Power Strips
Our 920 Model Server Rack Mount Power Strips have eight 20 Amp rear outlets, while the ninth front outlet remains a 15 Amp outlet. At 20 amps, these power distribution outlets give the extra current for your components with a higher draw such as a power amplifier. When contrasted with the 915 models, the major differences are the 8 NEMA 5-20R rear outlets and the single NEMA 5-15R front outlet.

All models are made with phosphate pre-treated 18 gauge steel, are UL classified and come with a 3 year warranty. Efficiently functional and easy to install, Middle Atlantic's Rack Mount Power Strips are the perfect solution to your rack mount power outlet needs.

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Features and Benefits

  • Normal line voltage: 120VAC
  • Maximum line current: 15 amps
  • Maximum allowable voltage: 150 VAC (RMS) - Maximum continuous voltage differential applied between line and neutral, line and ground, or neutral and ground. Maximum multiple impulse current derated per specs.
  • Three protection modes: line to neutral, line to ground, and neutral to ground
  • Peak impulse current (8/20 micro seconds): 10,000 amps, one time. 7,000 amps, two times within 5 minutes. 3,000 amps, ten times within 2 minutes. Maximum peak impulse current pulse as defined between line and neutral, line and ground, or neutral and ground. Maximum multiple impulse current derated per spec.
  • Maximum clamping voltage: 395 volts @ 100 amps
  • Response time: Instantaneous (less than 1 nanosecond)
  • EMI/RF Suppression: More than 20db - Calculated line to neutral, 100 KHz to 1 MHz suppression based upon nominal impedance


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