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Millepede Strut Ready Cable Rings

Millepede Strut Ready Cable Ring

Description of Millepede Strut Ready Cable Rings

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Cable clamps are really convenient for hanging up heavy bundles of cabling overhead in small and large areas. Usually, cords and bundles need to be mounted with heavy or obscure equipment, but Millepede Strut Ready Cable Rings work even better than your standard clamp. Designed to have a quick installation, itís just two easy steps: twist and snap the cable ring right into the strut for a quick set-up.

Made out of tough, yet lightweight nylon, these Millepede cable rings can hold up to 75lbs at once. Support bundles of wires and cords anywhere you need to, on most types of project sites. Additionally, Millepedeís revolutionary design allows for reusability and saves you money on equipment.

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Features and Benefits

  • No strut clamps needed - twist and snap
  • Install in moments
  • Constructed from tough, lightweight nylon
  • Plenum rated (UL 1565)
  • Reusable



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