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Neat Patch Cable Management Unit

Description of Neat Patch Cable Management Unit

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Do you have excess patch cables that you donít know what to do with? Are you tired of messy networks? Introducing Neat Patch Cable Management, the perfect patch-cable storage solution for your network cabling. Uniquely designed to allow you to store your excess patch cables into a neat and tidy compartment.

Itís easy to use, simply coil the excess cable and slide it into place. This neat patch accessory helps cable installers to dress up and cover their terminations in their own rack space using a snap-on cover.

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Features and Benefits

  • Large enough to provide more patch cable storage
  • Surges and grounding electrical issues eliminated by unique non-conductive one piece molded design
  • Eliminates the need to use wire managers such as plastic finger ducts riveted to metal or metal D-Rings
  • Designed to provide bend radius compliance in patch cable management to promote the integrity of the cable
  • Creates a balanced patching environment by providing 48 port cycles which allow single coil circuits to be stored in the rack instead of down the sides
  • Cost effective horizontal management solution
  • Storing excess cable inside the neat patch gives vertical wire management more space
  • Creates an easier path to trace patch cables from panel to electronic connection


NP2 cable management 2/7/2013
Reviewed by: Rey from Guam.
Great delivery time. Items are as promised.


More Info

A few things to know about your patch cords.

The growth of rack mounted networks has created the need to have a neat and organized patching environment. Installers face an array of problems trying to route terminated cables and connected patch panels. There are different wire management solutions that can help to control cable clutter. The use of the neat patch helps to route cables and maintain the integrity of patch cables, although there are other vertical and horizontal wire management options.

It is important to carefully plan where you will be installing your patch panels as well as any other connectivity hardware you will be using Ė but before any of this, it may help to understand patch cords. Patch cords consist of flexible cable terminated at each end by an 8 pin modular plug Ė it has stranded wire with a flexible plastic jacket. Most patch cords have four pairs of 24-AWG, 100-ohm, stranded copper, thermoplastic-insulated wires covered by a thermoplastic jacket. The insulation is usually PVC and come in different colors but the lengths are limited by performance standards that have to be adhered to. It is important to maintain the bend radius of your patch cords so pay special consideration when selecting your wire management. The neat patch offers the perfect solution for your network installation needs.


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