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Cat5 Cables  Cat5 Cables

Cat.5E Non-Boot Patch Cables

Extend your networking systems with these enhanced Cat5 bootless patch cables.
from $0.46

Cat5E UTP and Gel Direct Burial Network Cable

High-speed Ethernet cable for underground installations.
from $110.55

Cat5E Solid Wire Bulk Network Data Cable

Solid core Category 5E computer networking cable.
from $74.00

Cat5E STP Plenum Solid Core Cable

Plenum rated shielded network data cable.
from $327.80

Cat5E Stranded Wire Bulk Network Cable

Stranded category 5E network cable for greater mobility.
from $100.05

CAT5E CM Rated Solid Wire Audio Cable

Bare copper CM audio cable.
from $18.00

CAT5E UTP 25-pair CMR Cable

Flame retardant network cable for voice and data.
from $592.90

Cat5E UTP Plenum Solid Core Cable

Solid core category 5E high performance data cable.
from $165.00

V-Max Cat5E UTP Plenum Fire Retardant Cable

Flame retardant network cable for voice and data.
from $249.99

Cat.5E Molded Snagless Patch Cables

Expand your home phone and networking system with these multi-colored patch cables!
from $0.50

CAT5E Cross Patch Cables

Does not require a device to be connected to a network switch, hub or router before communicating with another device.
from $0.60

Cat.5E Shielded Patch Cables (Molded)

Best used for extending voice, data and video networks with high voltage.
from $0.74

Cat 5E and Cat 6 Patch Cables

Find the right size and color CAT5E & CAT6 Cables for your needs.
from $1.20

CAT5E Datacom Network Cables - Bulk Box

from $79.00

CAT5E CMX UV UTP Rated Outdoor Cable

Use this to protect a network set-up that runs outside or to external sources.
from $111.99
Cat6 Cables  Cat6 Cables

Cat.6 Molded Patch Cables

Increase your signal bandwidth with these Category 6 molded snaglaess patch cables.
from $0.65

Cat6 4 Pair Solid Wire Shielded Cable

Shielded twisted pair cable for outdoor applications.
from $182.50

Cat6 Stranded Wire Bulk Network Cable

Stranded wire network cable for greater conductivity.
from $114.30

Cat6 UTP Direct Burial Outdoor Network Cable

Category 6 network cables for underground installation.
from $158.30

Cat6 Stranded Wire Bulk Cable Shielded

A shielded STP stranded Category 6 network cable.
from $183.60

Cat6 Solid Wire Bulk Network Data Cable

High performance computer networking cable for commercial sites.
from $116.25

V-Max Cat6 UTP Plenum Fire Retardant Cable

High-speed, flame retardant cable.
from $297.00

V-Max CAT6 UTP 4-pair LAN PVC Cable

4-pair local area network cable with fast Gigabit Ethernet connection.
from $133.65

V-Max Cat6 UTP 550MHz PVC Cable

This utp cable implements a category 6 Ethernet connection with faster speeds.
from $130.25

Cat6 Non-Boot Patch Cables

Supports bandwidth intensive applications such as broadband video and digital video!
from $0.65

Cat6 Shielded and Non-Shielded Cross Patch Cables

Directly connect two devices, such as computers and game machines.
from $0.69

Cat.6 Flat Patch Cable - Black

Easily fit between cramped spaces, under carpets, up walls and even behind furniture!
from $1.10

Cat 6 Shielded Patch Cables

Protect from EMI/ RFI interference!
from $1.45

CAT.6A Non-Shielded Patch Cables

Non-Shielded Augmented Category 6 Patch Cables
from $1.47

Cat 6A Shielded Patch Cables

Protect your plugs while extending your network!
from $2.18

Smart Pack CAT6 Patch Cords for Neat Patch Cable Management

Accessory for Neat Patch Cable Management
from $77.00

CAT6 Datacom Network Cables - Bulk Box

from $130.00

V-Max CAT6 600Mhz CMXT Direct Burial Cable - STP/Waterproof

The CAT6 CMXT Direct Burial Cable is optimal for installing an internet in the ground.
from $229.95

V-Max CAT6 CMXF Direct Burial UTP Gel-Filled Cable

The CAT6 CMXF Direct Burial Cable is ideal for outdoor and underground Ethernet network installation.
from $249.99
Audio | Video Cables  Audio | Video Cables

RJ11, RJ12, RJ45 Telephone Cords

Selection of high quality telephone flat modular cords and bulk modular wire.
from $0.75

Cat3 4 Pair Bulk Wire

Telecommunications category 3 audio cable.
from $64.40

RG59 Copper Coaxial Cables

Copper braided coaxial cable for video devices.
from $74.75

Dual Shield RG6 Copper Coaxial Cables

A great cabling choice for cable TV in residential buildings.
from $57.97

Dual Shield RG59 Copper Coaxial Cables

from $50.20

CM Rated RG11 Coaxial Bulk Wire Cable

RG11 cabling for home theater and commercial building applications.
from $124.30

RG59 Copper w/2x18AWG Power Wire Coaxial Cables

Copper coaxial cables for residential applications.
from $72.25

RG59 CMP Rated Copper Coaxial Cable w/2x18AWG Power Wire

RG59 cables that are flame retardant and shielded against EMI and RFI.
from $176.75

RG59 CMR Rated Copper Coaxial Cable w/2x18AWG Power Wire

A flame retardant coaxial cable for all your video devices.
from $137.75

2C and 4C In-Wall Speaker Wire

Oxygen-free copper in-wall speaker wire.
from $73.60

Quad Shield RG6 Copper Coaxial Cables

Fire-safe quad-shielded coaxial cables for television.
from $71.55

18AWG/2 Stranded Power CMR Copper CCTV Wires

Stranded power wires for CCTV security cameras.
from $87.50

Shielded Power Copper CCTV Wires

Shielded CCTV wires for greater EMI and RFI resistance.
from $113.85

CAT3 UTP 25-pair Bulk Wire

Flame retardant Category 3 network cable.
from $569.40

22/2 Conductor Solid Security Wire

Alarm security wire for indoor installations.
from $39.15

22/4 Conductor Stranded Security Wire

Stranded security wire for alarm systems and other devices.
from $74.30

V-Max 2C Direct Burial Audio Cable

Audio cable for underground cable installations.
from $114.75

V-Max 16/2 High Strand Audio Cable

An audio cable designed for intercom and telecom systems.
from $114.75

RG59 and RG6 Cables

Selection of high quality RG59 and RG6 cables
from $1.05

RCA Audio Video Cables

Selection of high quality audio video cables
from $2.19

Toslink Cables

Premium Toslink digital audio fiber cables
from $2.78

RCA Component Video Cables

Selection of high quality component video cables
from $3.22

HDMI Cables and Adapters

Chose from a selection of HDMI cables and adapters
from $4.80

SVGA / DB15 HD Cables

Selection of high density SVGA cables
from $5.62

Bulk Speaker Cables

Selection of high quality bulk polarized speaker wire
from $17.50

Omni Cable Hook-up Wire

Electrical hook-up wires available from 2-22 AWG sizes to connect your electronics.
from $31.50
USB | FireWire  USB | FireWire

USB and Firewire Cables

Great selection of high quality USB and Firewire cables
from $1.50

GoldX USB 5 in 1 QuickConnect™ Network Kit

This kit gives you the freedom to convert from USB to Ethernet and vise versa.
from $16.64

USB 5 in 1 QuickConnect™ Cable Kit

Have all the necessary USB connections in one package.
from $16.99

FireWire® 3 in 1 QuickConnect™ Cable Kit

Gives you the option to switch between 2 different firewire connectors to create 3 different connections.
from $19.99

USB 2.0 4 Port Hub Bus and Self-Powered

USB data centers powered by the connected computer and an external source.
from $6.06

USB2.0 4 Port Hub Self-Powered

USB data center with an external energy supply for more power.
from $11.24

USB2.0 10 Port Hub

Connect up to 10 USB devices with this data unit.
from $27.73

USB2.0 7 Port Self-Powered Hub

from $18.84

USB 2.0 7 Port Data Hub

A compact and portable data connectivity unit.
from $19.85

USB2.0 7-Port Dual Powered Hub

A USB data unit that can be powered via computer or AC outlet.
from $21.00

USB2.0 3 Port Hub with Ethernet Adapter

Two-in-one USB hub with Ethernet connectivity.
from $28.42

USB2.0 3 Port Hub with Direct File Transfer

Transfer files between two computers with this USB hub.
from $25.80

USB2.0 4 Port Micro and Mini Squid Hubs

Power and Data center powered by USB 2.0
from $5.14

USB2.0 4 Port Female and Mini Squid Hubs

Portable data connectivity center for multimedia devices.
from $6.18

Transparent USB Cables

Great selection of high quality Transparent and LED USB cables
from $3.53
Fiber Optic Cables  Fiber Optic Cables

Fiber Optic Patch Cords - Multimode (50/125um)

from $7.45

Fiber Optic Patch Cords - Multimode (62.5/125um)

from $7.45

Plenum, Solid and Stranded are some of the network cables that are available. Each of the cables that we sell comes in minimums of 1000.

With voice, data, video and security capabilities, our bulk cable is ideal for your network installation. Whether you are wiring your home, office or entire campus, we have the solution thats right for you.

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