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Cat5E Jacks  Cat5E Jacks

Modular In-line Couplers - RJ11, RJ12 and RJ45

In-line couplers for RJ11, RJ12 and RJ45
from $0.48

Cat5E Inline Couplers with Keystone Latch

Keystone couplers are perfect for adding Cat5E connections for voice, home networking, home offices, audio, and video applications.
from $2.18

Modular T-Adapters

Selection of high quality modular adapters for RJ11, RJ12 and RJ45 plugs.
from $0.78

Cat.5E RJ45 110 Type Keystone Jack

Category 5 ethernet jack comes in various colors to attach to a cable for networking.
from $1.19

Cat.5E Tool Less Keystone Jacks

Designed for computer networking and includes simple snap-in installation.
from $1.31

Cat.5E/6 Inline Couplers

Used for linking several networking cables together or extending existing cable runs.
from $1.66

Cat5/Cat6 RJ45 110 Type Shielded Keystone Jacks

Keystone Jack inserts works great to add a CAT5 or CAT6 connection any house or office.
from $2.39

Category 5e Communication Jacks

from $2.40

V-Max RJ45 90 CAT5E Keystone U-Jacks

This is an 8x8 90 cat5e keystone u-jack. It can be installed for networking systems, telephone use, or video.
from $2.49

QuickPort Snap-In Connectors - USOC and Voice Grade

from $2.85

White Cat5E/Cat6 Junction Box Punch Down Type

Easy way to splice two Ethernet cables together without the use of connectors and couplers.
from $3.30

Leviton QuickPort Category 5e Gigamax Snap-In Connector (Jack)

CAT 5e connectors for QuickPort's and universal use.
from $5.32
Cat6 Jacks  Cat6 Jacks

Cat.6 RJ45 110 Type Keystone Jacks

Cat.6 keystone jacks provide excellent performance and reliability as well as optimum signal quality.
from $1.48

Cat5/Cat6 RJ45 110 Type Shielded Keystone Jacks

Keystone Jack inserts works great to add a CAT5 or CAT6 connection any house or office.
from $2.39

Tool Less Keystone Jacks - Cat.6

Unique design includes a built in device to clamp down and connect wires while still providing superior performance meeting industry standard requirements.
from $2.18

Cat6 Inline Couplers with Keystone Latch

Expand your connections for voice and data applications with these multi-colored Cat6 Inline Couplers!
from $2.35

Cat.6A Keystone Jacks

Latest standard for enhanced performance is Category 6A, which has frequencies up to 500MHz – twice that of Cat.6.
from $2.85

V-Max RJ45 90 CAT6 Keystone U-Jack

This is an 8x8 90 cat6 keystone u-jack. It can be mounted on wall plates, surface mount boxes, and blank patch panels.
from $3.65

V-Max RJ45 90 CAT6A Keystone U-Jacks

This is an 8x8 90 CAT6A keystone u-jack. It has superior performance to CAT6 network cables, and is made with better materials to provide excellent performance.
from $6.99

Levition eXtreme® Category 6+ Snap-In Connectors

High quality Cat6 connector for QuickPort and universal use.
from $13.00
Cat 3 Jacks  Cat 3 Jacks

Tool Less RJ11/12 (Cat.3) Keystone Jacks

Easy and affordable tool less snap-in keystone jack for phone lines.
from $1.25

RJ11/12 110 Type Keystone Jacks

Inexpensive wiring scheme for a single telephone line in your home or office.
from $1.46

V-Max RJ11 90° 6x6 CAT3 Keystone Jacks

RJ11 90° 6x6 Cat3 voice grade keystone jacks are used for two-line telephone network systems and their self-extinguishing fire safety features.
from $2.10

DSL Filter and Spliter

Find high quality DSL Filters and Splitters
from $2.97
RJ11 | RJ12| RJ45 Plugs  RJ11 | RJ12| RJ45 Plugs

Color Boots for RJ45 Plugs

Great for protecting your plugs while keeping them organized!
from $1.45

RJ45 Cat.6 UTP Tool-Less Plug

Unique tool-less plug is designed for computer networking and does not require a crimping tool for installation and termination.
from $1.78

RJ45 Cat.5E Plugs - Stranded

CAT5E modular stranded plugs are the highest caliber of quality and are to be used with stranded cables.
from $1.75

RJ45 Cat5e Plugs - Solid

Use the same type of plug as the wire you are using. Solid wires consist of one piece of metal wire.
from $1.94

RJ11, RJ12, RJ45 Modular Plugs

100 piece packs of universal telephone and ethernet plugs.
from $3.62

RJ45 Cat6 50 Micron Shielded Plug with Insert for Solid Wires

Modular CAT6 Shielded RJ45 plugs are designed for the best, reliable network performance.
from $6.37

RJ45 Cat.6 Plug for 50Micron - Stranded and Solid Type

Cat6 rated connectors provide phenomenal performance for data networks requiring maximum speed and bandwidth.
from $5.93

EZ RJ45 and RJ11-12 Plug Connectors

from $12.21

CAT6A STP RJ45 Shielded Modular Plug

from $9.98

Platinum Tools Shielded EZ-RJ45 Connectors

Shielded modular connectors that reduce electromagnetic interference.
from $17.03

Panduit RJ45 Jack Blockout Device

Devices to block unused and exposed access points.
from $34.85
USB | Video Connectors  USB | Video Connectors

USB2.0 4 Port Micro and Mini Squid Hubs

Power and Data center powered by USB 2.0
from $5.14

USB3.0 4 Port Hub with Charger

Connect and charge USB devices with this hub.
from $33.05

USB2.0 4 Port Female and Mini Squid Hubs

Portable data connectivity center for multimedia devices.
from $6.18

USB 2.0 4 Port Hub Bus and Self-Powered

USB data centers powered by the connected computer and an external source.
from $6.06

USB2.0 4 Port Hub Self-Powered

USB data center with an external energy supply for more power.
from $11.24

USB2.0 10 Port Hub

Connect up to 10 USB devices with this data unit.
from $27.73

USB2.0 7 Port Self-Powered Hub

from $18.84

USB 2.0 7 Port Data Hub

A compact and portable data connectivity unit.
from $19.85

USB2.0 7-Port Dual Powered Hub

A USB data unit that can be powered via computer or AC outlet.
from $21.00

USB2.0 3 Port Hub with Ethernet Adapter

Two-in-one USB hub with Ethernet connectivity.
from $28.42

USB2.0 3 Port Hub with Direct File Transfer

Transfer files between two computers with this USB hub.
from $25.80

USB Keystone Jack - 2.0 A Female to A Female Coupler

from $2.50

Snap-In F/F Coaxial Keystone Modules

Provides a full range of solutions for voice, home office, home networking, audio/video and more.
from $1.00

Audio Video Connectors and Adapters

Great selection of audio-video connectors such as, XLR 3P, Stereo Jacks and Plugs, RCA, 3.5mm Stereo Jacks and Plugs and Banana Plugs/
from $1.29

RCA F/F Keystone Modules

Durable and reliable female-to-female RCA connector accommodates audio and video applications.
from $1.99

Snap-in Connectors - Altinex

Varity of Snap-in Connectors for Keystone Faceplates.
from $16.38

Snap-In Connectors - FSR

Universal connectors that fit all FSR products.
from $8.50

Desk Outlet Technology Solutions

from $12.65

HDMI Wall Plate and Keystone Jacks

Chose from a selection of quality HDMI Keystone Jacks and Wall Plates
from $11.00

USB Adapters

Choose from a wide selection of high quality USB Adapters
from $12.92

GoldX USB 5 in 1 QuickConnect™ Network Kit

This kit gives you the freedom to convert from USB to Ethernet and vise versa.
from $16.64

USB 5 in 1 QuickConnect™ Cable Kit

Have all the necessary USB connections in one package.
from $16.99

FireWire® 3 in 1 QuickConnect™ Cable Kit

Gives you the option to switch between 2 different firewire connectors to create 3 different connections.
from $19.99

HDMI Extenders

Chose from a selection of high quality HDMI Extenders
from $30.60

HDMI Spliters, Switches and Converters

Chose from a selection of high quality HDMI Spliters, Switches and Converters
from $78.00
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