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PD Series Vertical Power Strips

PD Series Middle Atlantic Vertical Powers Assortment

Description of PD Series Vertical Power Strips

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When you're looking for an exceptional selection of pre-configured Vertical Rack Mount Power strips, look no further than the PD Series by Middle Atlantic. Specially constructed to fit Middle Atlantic rackmounts, these 16 gauge steel rack power strips come with your choice of 15 or 20 amp circuits to provide convenient power accessibility to your wall mount and open rack while fitting perfectly by design.

Distinctive quick clips and mounting lances are built-in to each Middle Atlantic powerstrip which are fabricated to attach to their welded racks by means of rack rail brackets. If you want to attach the power outlet strips to a wall, wood rack or other surface then quick clips could be used in conjunction with the correct fasteners to secure them.

Each Middle Atlantic Wallmount Rack has been specially coded (C,E,G,J,N,P,R,T,V) to assist you in choosing powerstrips that are the matching size for your rack mount cabinet installation. This lettered code correlates with the rack mounts code, ensuring the surge protector you choose attaches seamlessly with the horizontal rack rail.

  • Isolated ground circuits on each unit
  • Colors to differentiate between single and dual circuits
  • Contain metal oxide varistor (MOV) protection, but available without MOV's at your request
  • Each industrial power strip is protected by circuit breakers but are available without circuit breaker protection upon request
  • Tough black powder coat provides scratch resistance to our surge suppressors
  • Each power surge protector can be terminated with a variety of options including a 9 ft power cord, junction box or a metal flex w/tails

Middle Atlantic PD Series Power Strips are made in the USA, come with a 3 year warranty and are UL listed in the US and Canada. For the best in power protection grab a PD Series Rack Mount Power Outlet today!

*For additional information and part numbers please check the "More Information" and "Specifications" tabs below.

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More Info

Hard Wired PD Series Power Strips

Our power strip flex tails come with conductors extending 6 in. out of 3 ft long metal tubes and all connection hardware included. The Isolated ground power outlets have insulated ground conductors to the ground terminal of every outlet, and an independent ground conductor to the ground studs of the main units. In both styles the conductors continue on into the junction boxes, which are 4 x 4 inches, 1.5 inches deep and include the covers.

Corded PD Series Power Strips

UL listed under file # E194316, each power outlet strip comes with 9 ft of power cord, and distinguishing white outlets.


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