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Panduit Adhesive Lined Grommet Edging

Panduit Adhesive Lined Grommet Applied

Description of Panduit Adhesive Lined Grommet Edging

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Installing grommets is always a good idea to protect wires and cables from damage when sliding through holes in desks and walls. Some Panduit Grommet edging are quick to install and lined with an adhesive to stick onto any surface, the item is secured and ready to use instantly.

Molded from a flexible and durable polyethylene plastic, the soft skin of delicate wires is protected from unfinished or sharp edging. Plus, Panduit Adhesive grommet edging protect and also come in two colors to match decor and professional settings.

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Features and Benefits

  • Made of durable, flexible polyethylene plastic; protects wires and cables
  • Adhesive lining ensures a secure installation
  • Available in two styles: Solid Wall or Slotted Wall; two colors: natural or black
  • Available on a 100 reel for easy handling and dispensing
  • RoHS compliant
  • UL HB rated for flammability


More Info

 Adhesive TypeRubber-based 
 Material Weather resistant polyethylene with rubber-based adhesive
 Max Temperature Rating122F (50C) 
 Min Temperature Rating-40F (-40C) 
 Roll Length100ft 
 ColorAvailable in black or natural 
 WallSlotted or Solid - 0.062, 0.099, 0.144 
 UL RatingUL HB 
 RoHS CompliancyCompliant 

Use the table below to determine grommet edging sizes. Those common for electrical applications are listed based on the Manufacturer Standard Gauge for Steel.

GaugeManufacturer Standard Gauge for Steel (in) Gauge Manufacturer Standard Gauge for Steel (in) GaugeManufacturer Standard Gauge for Steel (in)
 5.2092  14 .0747  23 .0269 
 6.1943  15 .0673  24 .0239 
 7.1793  16 .0598  25 .0209 
 8.1644  17 .0538  26 .0179 
 9.1495  18 .0478  27 .0164 
 10.1345  19 .0418  28 .0149 
 11.1196  20 .0359  29 .0135 
 12.1046  21 .0329  30 .0120 
 13.0897  22 .0299    


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