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Platinum Tools Telcom Gel-filled Splicing Connectors and Telcom Pliers

UR Gel-Filled Splicing Connector

Description of Platinum Tools Telcom Gel-filled Splicing Connectors and Telcom Pliers

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Some electrical connectors need a little pressure to terminate a new pair of spliced wires. Platinum Tools has put together a small kit of several products to take care of this problem: several gel-filled splicing connectors and a pair of crimping pliers to make the connection. Telecom wire joints are filled with gel to guard against corrosion and resist outside elements such as moisture. Each wire connector is great for butt splicing, or joining two wires together.

The Telecom Pliers are practically designed for these marr connectors. No wire stripping is needed to remove the insulation, nor do cable pairs need to be cut open. A stopping mechanism is built into these Platinum Tools Pliers to prevent damage to the wire joints. In addition to this little kit, the crimping Pliers are compatible with many other wire connectors made by other popular brands.

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Features and Benefits

  • Eliminates cutting or opening for quick terminations
  • No wire stripping necessary
  • Gel-filled to prevent corrosion
  • Pliers can be used on all connectors displayed
  • Pliers are compatible with many other connectors
  • One Year Standard Warranty



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