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Power & CAT6 Edge Mount Center

Power & Data Edge Mount Center with mounting brackets.

Description of Power & CAT6 Edge Mount Center

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Have you ever had multiple electronic devices but nowhere to plug them all in? You can use this multifunctional power socket and its 3 power-2 data design to power up to three electronics and transmit data through two category 6 shielded jacks. There are two connectors on the back that will send data through the base to the connections on the front. The power strip itself is 11L x 3.5W x 3H inches, made out of aluminum alloy, and the cord is 14AWG (2.08mm2).

This power and data extension block is compatible with sockets transmitting up to 300V. A rated voltage of 115V is standard for the surge suppressor, with a maximum output of 1840W. Voltage spikes are guarded against up to 16A and the power cord can withstand up to 105°C and is UL Rated. You can place this power strip on the edge on a variety of desks and tables, and secure its position with two clamps that are included.

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Excellent product 2/13/2014
Reviewed by: Jeff from Wisconsin.
High quality low cost power and data unit. I bought this to put on top of a desk with stainless accents. The look and function is perfect, and for less than $50. I couldn't be happier


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