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Cord Connect Water-Tight Cord Lock

from $8.99

3 Power Outlet Cord Reel Extension

from $9.95

Flat Plug Power Extension Cords

High quality extension cords with a flat plug design for tighter spaces.
from $9.99

Flat Electrical Power Extension Cord - UL Listed

Simply place the open end of the cable cover near the power source, plug it in, run the flat extension cord cover to the equipment that needs power, plug that in, and THAT'S IT!!!
from $27.50

Powramid Surge Protector

Saves space and your equipment at the same time!
from $19.99

Power and Data Extension Cord

Finally a simple solution to a pesky problem, bringing power and data to a computer in need of it! Available in 5', 10', 15' & 25' the PDE's will allow you to power up your computer almost anywhere!
from $39.99

Extended Cord 6-Outlet Power Strip

Multi-outlet power strip has a slim, sleek design to save space as well as an extended cord to reach distant outlets.
from $9.12

Electrical Power Extensions - Power Cord Covers

Solution for indoor needs designed to be safe and emsure good protection.
from $35.06

Power Strip Liberator

Now you can use evey power outlet on your power strip!
from $6.31

Remote Controlled Indoor/Outdoor Power Switch

Forget using a light switch, these remote controlled power outlets can be turned on and off from up to 60ft away!
from $11.99

GFCI Outlet Adapter 15 amp 3 Wire 30439005 - Tower

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters for indoor and outdoor use.
from $13.92

Indoor & Outdoor Extension Cords

Standard Power Extension Cords for Indoor and Outdoor use.
from $1.90

Outdoor Extension Cords

Outdoor extension cords come in various colors, lengths and gauge sizes to accommodate any power extension need in industrial warehouses, construction sites and contracting settings.
from $5.65

Contractor Extension Cords

Best used when home owners and contractors are extending power for heavy duty applications.
from $18.12

Arctic Blue Extreme Temperature Extension Cords

For ultimate performance in extreme temperatures.
from $21.99

Prime Black Farm and Shop Extension Cords

Perfect for extending power in farms and shops where manure, solvents, chemicals and pesticides are present.
from $16.99

Prime Lawn and Garden Extension Cords

Extend power in your lawn and garden with these various green and orange extension cords.
from $6.31

Prime Patio and Deck Extension Cords

Camouflages with your patio and deck while extending power for outdoor equipment.
from $6.34

Prime Dryer Cords

Plug in your dryer with these durable and secure Prime dryer cords.
from $9.52

Air Conditioning and Major Appliance Cords

Plug in your air conditioning unit with Prime’s built-to-last major appliance cord today!
from $2.99

Prime Garbage Disposal Extension Cords

Power your much needed garbage disposal with Primes Garbage Disposal Cord.
from $1.99

Coleman Cable Cord Reels

retractable cord reels that provide power extension.
from $167.95

General Cable Retractable Powr-Reel™

Retractable 25ft power extension cord reel
from $105.45

ReelCraft Safe-T-Reel

Cable reels that are perfect for storing and organizing all of your cords and hoses.
from $1,017.92

Computer Power Cords 5-15P to C-13

Power cords for devices that require AC125V.
from $1.20

RoboReel Motorized Retractable Power Cord System

Automated retractable cord reel.
from $377.00

Power Managed Energy Controlled Surge Protector

Very cost effective and energy efficient for the home and office.
from $20.99

Bulldog Tough Twist and U-Ground Adapters

Provides maximum flexibility in arranging portable power needs in harsh environments.
from $6.59

GFCI Power Extensions - Tower Manufacturing

Have the protection of Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters over long electrical runs.
from $59.97

Coleman Polar/Solar Coiled Extension Cords

Always have the perfect length by using a coiled extension cord.
from $27.62

Qwik-Lok Professional Automatic Locking Extension Cord Connector

Extends life expectancy of extension cords for commercial, industiral and household needs.
from $32.00

Tripp Lite Portable PowerVerters

The car power converter is a good solution for small electronic devices as well as netbooks, tablets, cell phones.
from $39.99

Cigarette Lighter Power Inverter

Converts your car cigarette lighter into powerful charging station for portable devices.
from $29.02

Cigarette Lighter Y Adapter

For charging eleconic devices while traveling.
from $2.99

Universal Travel Adapter

This charger adapter plug converts power outlets all around the world.
from $2.49
Electriduct is your home for power extensions, extension cords, surge protectors and more. Bottom line; if it moves the current from Point A to Point B, you can find it in our extensive catalog of power accessories. From basic lawn and garden extension cords from Prime, in lengths ranging from twelve to a hundred feet, we have a perfect fit to keep all of your equipment powered up and ready to go. And, since it's Electriduct, you know that you'll get the highest quality and maximum durability possible, at a value that won't drain your budget.

Check out some of the specialty power extensions and power cords we offer, like the Glacier Flex cold weather extension cord, which can handle extreme temperatures from -58 degrees to +140 degrees Fahrenheit. If you're working on the harshest construction sites, our contractor extension cords have a lifetime warranty and are designed to withstand anything you can throw at it...or roll over it. We also offer an incredibly diverse selection of power strips and surge protectors, like the power managed energy controlled surge protector, which is perfect for keeping your energy consumption as efficient as possible at home, or in the office. Tired of not being able to use all the outlets on your power strip because of large plug adapters? Our power strip liberator is the ultimate in organized energy distribution.

Electriduct also carries all of your basic replacement power cords, from garbage disposal power cords to air conditioning and major appliance cords. We also have your adapters covered, from universal adapters to cigarette lighter power inverters, to make sure your smartphone, laptop and other necessary technology always have a full charge when you're out on the job. All this selection, quality and value is standard at Electriduct, and we back it all up with the industry's most impressive customer service team. If you have any questions, or need assistance with a custom order, simply call one of our friendly tech support crew at 866-673-9590 and see why Electriduct is all about keeping your shopping experience as easy and enjoyable as possible.
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