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Q-Knot Cable Ties

Q-Knot Outdoor for garden use.

Description of Q-Knot Cable Ties

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A blend of natural rubber, EPDM(ethylene propylene diene Monomer) rubber, PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and neoprene blended together to create this nifty rubber zip tie. Using a releasable self-locking design with the elastic material, the Q-Knot works well for safe cable bundling, bag sealing, cord organization and much more!

The Q Knot is durable and re-useable, making it a cost effective solution for home and office use.

Q Knot Outdoor is a specifically made with high premium rubber to withstand extreme weather making it perfect for garden use.

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Features and Benefits

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More Info

Each pack includes:

  • 10 (Small) 4.5" Yellow
  • 10 (Medium) 6" Green
  • 5 (Large) 7.25" Red

Q-Knot Plus

  • 8 (Small) 4.5"
  • 8 (Medium) 6"
  • 8 (Large) 7.25"
Q-Knot Pro
  • 5 (Small) 4.5" Green
  • 10 (Medium) 6" White
  • 10 (Large) 7.25" Black

Q-Knot Outdoor

  • 10 (One Size) 7" Green


  • Resealable Bag 5.75" x 1" x 10"


The multi-colored packs have 3 different colors/lengths.
Click the "More Information" tab to see specific details of each package contents.

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