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RG59 CMR Rated Copper Coaxial Cable w/2x18AWG Power Wire

RG59 CMR Rated Copper 2x18 Coaxial Cables - Black

Description of RG59 CMR Rated Copper Coaxial Cable w/2x18AWG Power Wire

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For all personal and professional video cable installations, a perfect choice is an RG59 Coaxial cable. Made out of 95% bare copper braid and paired with 18AWG of stranded copper wire, this 2x18 RG59 video cable makes for a powerful conductor.

Commercial buildings will benefit from using these CMR-rated Coaxial cables, due to their flame retardant features in the case of a fire. Moreover, installing Coax CMR cables in your own home can give you peace-of-mind, knowing that all of your video devices are set-up safely. VCRs, DVD, and Blu-Ray players are some the electronics that can make use of RG59 coaxial video cables.

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Features and Benefits

  • RG59 coaxial cable, made out of 95% copper braid, 22AWG
  • Power wire, 18AWG stranded copper wire
  • Great for video applications such as VCRs and digital cable
  • CMR Rated


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