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RG59 Copper Coaxial Cables

RG59 Copper Coaxial Cable

Description of RG59 Copper Coaxial Cables

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For composite video and other video applications, your best bet is to install some RG-59 coaxial cables. Built with copper-braiding, these coax cables are not only highly conductive but shielded, too.

Cables with shielding are usually the best kind of cabling for video, radio, and other devices that broadcast frequencies during operation, due to their resistance against EMI and RFI. Sheathed in a PVC jacket, this copper-braided RG-59 coaxial cable works best with digital cable and satellite receivers that transmit data over short distances.

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Features and Benefits

  • RG59 coaxial cable, made out of 95% copper braid
  • UL Listed
  • Great for video applications such as VCRs and digital cable
  • PVC jacket sheath
  • 23AWG conductors


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