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V-Max RJ11 90° 6x6 CAT3 Keystone Jacks

CAT3 Keystone Jacks

Description of V-Max RJ11 90° 6x6 CAT3 Keystone Jacks

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For telephones, the standard connection is a Category 3, and of course to get the best results, you should get the V-Max RJ11 90 6x6 Cat3 voice grade keystone jack. You can use RJ11 jacks in two-line telephone systems, 10BASE-T Ethernet, and ATM25 networking. A connection is made with 110-IDC contacts in their terminal block and 50 micro-inch gold plated nickel contacts that are attached to a FR-4 laminated, double-sided printed circuit board (PCB).

Unshielded, broadcasting data at 10 Mbit/s, and transmitting frequencies at 16 MHz, Cat 3 jacks can reach speeds of 100 Mbit/s if you use the 100BASE-T4 standard. UL approved with a 94V-0 rating and complying with TIA/EIA-568A/B cabling standards, RJ11 Cat 3 keystone jacks are widely used for the self-extinguishing flammability characteristics of FR-4 lamination. You can use keystone adaptable Ethernet set-up equipment to set up these Cat.3 jacks, they just snap on; easy.

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Features and Benefits

  • 110-IDC Contacts (Terminal Block)
  • ANSI/TIA-568-C.2, ETL/UL Listed
  • Compatible with the I-Punch Termination tool
  • Narrow connector allows high port density in small areas
  • Compatible with Cat5/Cat6 cables that range from 22 to 26AWG
  • One Year Standard Warranty

More Info

 Physical Specifications
 Dimension (mm)19.86H x 17W x 31D 
 Housing Material
 HousingUL 94V-0 self extinguished 
 IDC HousingUL 94V-0 self extinguished 
 Contact Material
 IDC 110 ContactsPhospor bronze, nickel plated 
 Nose Contacts50u Gold plating over nickel 
 Operating LifeMinimum 750 Insertions 
 Compatibility22 to 26 AWG Solid 
 PCBFR-4, 1.6mm double sided 
 CapUL 94V-0 rated 
 Product Certification
 ANSI/TIA-568-C.2, FCC, 3)
 ETL Listed
 Current Rating1.5Amp Max 
 Dielectric strength1000V RMS for 1min 
 Insulation resistance500m 
 Contact resistance20m 
 DC resistance0.1 Ohm 
 Temperature Range -10C to 60C max
 Humidity10%~90%; non condensing 

V-Max Cat5E u-jacks are designed to work with stranded wire. Cables can be made with one long piece of metal wire (solid), or a bundle of thinner wires (stranded). Stranded wires are flexible and can bend repeatedly without breaking. Solid wires on the other hand aren't intended to bend or coil.
The size of the nose contacts have a direct effect on how well the connection is protected from dust and particles that can cause corrosion. "u" stands for micro-inch or micron, and the thicker the contact, the better. The standards are 6, 30, and 50; 6u are used in office spaces where there is little dust, whereas 50 are best for environments exposed to dirt and/or chemicals.
These modular connectors are also made with 2-prong contacts. When a plug has been crimped the contacts bite the wire to create the connection. The difference between a 2 or 3 prong contact is how secure the connection is, and the rate of electrical flow between the contacts and the wire. However, a 3-prong isn't necessarily better than a 2-prong; pending on the width of each prong, both types could do the same amount of work.


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