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RoboReel Motorized Retractable Power Cord System

RoboReel Motorized Retractable Power Cord System - Front

Description of RoboReel Motorized Retractable Power Cord System

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The RoboReel Motorized Retractable Power Cord System is a cable reel that automatically deploys and retracts a 50ft extension cordinitiated by a single button. Built out of heavy-duty materials, the cable winder is ideal for industrial environments, as well as commercial and residential. Designed to work in a 360 degree radius, cords do not tangle easily and you can move around the room during use.

An optional wall bracket can be purchased as an accessory to mount the portable RoboReel retractable cord reel onto a wall, or to lock it down onto the floor. The ceiling mounted model, as the name says, is used for overhead installation. A 15A circuit breaker has been integrated into this automatic cable winder to shut down the system in case a cable is obstructed or severed; this is an electrical safety feature.

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Features and Benefits

  • Automatically deploys and reels in a 50 ft extension cord
  • 360° turning radius prevents tangling and user mobility
  • Optional wall bracket offers ability to wall mount
  • Integrated thermostat prevents overheating
  • Circuit breaker shuts down if cord is severed or obstructed
  • Long service life - 10,000 retraction rating
  • Broken parts are easily replaceable
  • Constructed out of heavy duty material
  • Supports up to 3 plugs
  • Two Versions-
    Portable that can be wall mounted
    Ceiling mounted for overhead installation



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