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Round Metallic Finish Desk Grommets

Metal Finish Grommet

Description of Round Metallic Finish Desk Grommets

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Round Metallic Finish Desk Grommets are great for making freshly drilled holes smooth for cable installations and more visually appealing. Following a two-piece design, an open sleeve runs along the circumference of the grommet and a snap-top cover secures the object versus letting it hang loose.

Made with a metallic finish, these round desk grommets are perfect for passing larger object such as bulky plugs, bundles, harnesses, and the like. These Round Metallic Finish Desk Grommets can complement various home and office environments and come in many different sizes for different types of applications.

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Features and Benefits

  • Metallic finish inserts improve the appearance of holes in walls and other materials
  • Two-piece design features an open sleeve and a snap-top cover
  • Various diameters for different job needs
  • Large diameter grommets provide a pass-through for objects/cables
  • Simple installation
  • Available in 4 metallic finishes
  • Available as a complete two-piece design or just as the inner sleeve


Grommets on Granite 12/17/2015
Reviewed by: Darin Cowen from Grommets .
I used the metallic grommets to conceal the wires for my computer on the new granite desk I just had installed. These grommets were a nice finishing touch. I am very pleased with the look.



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