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RubberForm Pipe and Hose Ramp

4" Pipe and Hose Ramp w/ 2 ramps and interlock connector.

Description of RubberForm Pipe and Hose Ramp

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RubberForm Pipe and Hose Ramps are great for protecting cables in industrial sites and construction areas. Made of 50% less metal than standard cord covers, not only are they environmentally friendly, but they save you money. Made from post-consumer recycled rubber tires, these ramps are durable and very long-lasting. Use the pipe protector once and it has practically paid for itself.

Cable protection is just the beginning though; RubberForm ramps are reusable and can be laid down and then relocated wherever it’s needed. This is a product with many uses— RubberForm Pipe and Hose Ramps protect traffic hose, cables, pipes, and electric conduit lines from heavy, load-bearing vehicles. Set-up access ramps for driveways and entrances, protect curbside pipe construction, the possibilities are just beginning. If you’re a contractor, a professional, or oversee an industrial project site, RubberForm Pipe and Hose Ramps are an incredible investment.

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Features and Benefits

  • Made of 50% less metal than standard ramps
  • Environmentally Friendly-Made from durable, recycled rubber
  • Flexible-conforms to any asphalt or concrete surface, inside and outside
  • Available in multiple ramp heights
  • Easy to transport and install with built-in hand grips
  • High load-bearing capacity
  • Reusable and built to last



*Contact us for information about the optional 4" Pipe Cover
Minimum order of 10 units.

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