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RubberForm Spill Containment Border - Curb - Berm

Description of RubberForm Spill Containment Border - Curb - Berm

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For custom projects please call 1-866-673-9590.

Made from 100% recycled rubber; the Rubber Form™ Spill Containment Border keeps all kinds of oils, coolants, solvents or water from getting where you don’t want it. Place a spill berm anywhere you need to without resorting to an expensive constructed barrier.

Ideal for applications where you want to hold or redirect liquids without them being absorbed and causing a potential accident. Also able to function as bumper/cushion and a protector for motorized carts, forklift trucks, and vehicles in factories and warehouse environments.

Sold as a standard 5ft and 10ft sections.

Can be custom built to match any job application. Email a picture of your spec sheet for your project and we will have it built to match.

Recommend 1-2 tubes of ECO-BOND Heavy Duty Adhesive, 10.1 oz. cartridge per application of 5ft section. Also to help provide a water tight barrier.

Install hardware helps keep the spill berm in place. Recommended use/install every 2 feet for maximum stability.

Have a custom job you need help on? Call in and speak to a specialist and get your project started today!

Ramps will soon be available!

For easy entry and exit on your spill berm.

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Features and Benefits

  • Resistant to extreme temperature variations (flash pint rating is over 600 degrees F), UV light, oil, and moisture
  • Ideal fo applications where you want to hold, divert or redirect liquids without absorbing them
  • Easy deployment – Can be installed by one person
  • Easy to maintain – won’t crack, break, rot or disintegrate
  • Flexible -- conforms to any floor or concrete surface
  • RubberForm can custom cut-to-size – send us a drawing to quote.
  • The 4" x 6" is a standard, comes pre drilled
  • 100% recycled tire rubber

More Info

Installation Directions for RubberForm Spill Berms

1. Tools Needed

  1. Broom, mop, vacuum and cleaning solutions (green floor cleaner) If available, a Power-washer with hose if available to thoroughly clean and prep floor to adhere/seal the berms to the floor.
  2. Chalk line marker.
  3. Tape measure.
  4. Laser line marker - optional
  5. Angle for berm layout
  6. Hammer Drill for drilling into concrete
  7. Appropriate concrete drill bits - have extras available/li>
  8. Power bolt driver or wrench
  9. Circular saw if berms need to be cut or trimmed. Use a Freud, LU84R saw blade.
  10. Belt dander to rough up bottom of berms.
  11. Hammer
  12. Caulk dispenser for 10.3 oz tube. If available use a powered caulk gun dispenser.
  13. Other appropriate tools.

2. Floor must be thoroughly clean of debris and any build-up of grease and oils removed. If available use a power washer to clean the floor. NOTE: Failure to do so may result in premature failure of adhesive/Caulk Berm Sealant.

3. Make sure the area is totally dry and clean of debris - dust free so the Adhesive/Caulk Berm Sealant will adhere to all surfaces.

4. With the provided layout diagram mark the floor where the berms will be placed - use a chalk link marker.

5. RubberForm's spill berms have mold release on them; this silicone based mold release needs to be removed so that the adhesive/sealant caulk will stick. Use a belt sander and abrade, rough up, wear away the mold releases on the bottom of the berm.

6. Layout RubberForm's spill containment berms in the location that they will be attached to the floor. Make sure all berm pieces and other material are in the correcto position. Make any custom cuts if needed.

7. Mark through the holes of the spill berms where the berms will be attached to the floor via the lag bolt and lag shield. This mark is where you will drill the appropriate hole for the lag shield.

8. Turn the berms over, so that you have room to drill the holes for the lag shields. This is also in prep to dispense the adhesive/sealant caulk material to the bottom-side.

9. Vacuum the holes out of debris and again make sure the floor is thoroughly clean for the adhesive/sealant caulk.

10. Place the lag shield in the new holes. For further assurance that the shield will be held in place, use concrete epoxy glue when placing the shields in the holes. If epoxy glue is used, make sure glue is thoroughly dry before the lag bolt is tightened into lag shield.

11. Find the ChemLink M1 adhesive/sealant caulk to adhere the berms to the concrete floor. Use 1 to 2, 10.3 oz tubes per berm piece. Make sure you use enough so that no liquid material can leak under the berm.

12. Place the ChemLink M1 adhesive/sealant caulk in the caulk dispenser – powered or manual dispenser. Cut the end of caulking top at its widest point.

13. Apply 2 beads of ChemLink M1 adhesive/sealant caulk on the bottom of the spill berm approximately 1" in from the sides and ends, along the entire length and ends of the RubberForm Berm.

14. Place RubberForm’s Berm in place and apply pressure to entire length of the Berm to seal to floor. NOTE: Uneven surfaces may need extra adhesive/caulk sealant applied and also more direct pressure to ensure proper sealing

15. Place the lag bolts and washer through the berm holes and tighten into position. Do not over tighten the bolt to break away the lag shield from the hole in the concrete.

16. Apply the ChemLink M1 adhesive/sealant caulk to the ends of the berm as well. Repeat step 12 thru 14 for each RubberForm berm section.

17. Repeat Step 15 until berm installation is complete.

18. To apply a RubberForm’s Berm over frost cracks and concrete floor separations, fill these areas first with floor leveling material or ChemLink M1 adhesive/sealant caulk.

19. Make sure all miters, corners and ends have enough ChemLink M1 adhesive/sealant caulk applied to seal off entirely.

20. For caustic chemical berm requirements, use ASI 57 along the inside bottom of RubberForm’s spill berm. Apply to the outside bottom edge as well.

21. It is important that the RubberForm Berm ChemLink M1 adhesive/sealant caulk and ASI 57 is allowed to cure (glue, sealant and caulk) for at least 24 hours before use.


This is a made to order, custom item.
Please contact us at 866-673-9590 or for ordering.

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