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SOLDER-PRO 100K 4-in-1 Kit

SOLDER-PRO 100K 4-in-1 Kit

Description of SOLDER-PRO 100K 4-in-1 Kit

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Equivalent to a power range of 30-100 Watts, the SolderPro 100K is a cordless and portable hand torch to use when on-the-go. It is simple to operate and has a comfortable grip to give you control and precision over the tools performance. Turn it on, ignite, and in 15 seconds youre ready to work. The soldering tips are made from copper and coated with iron for improved durability and increased heat conductivity. This Solder-It pro torch is refillable with standard butane gas and can burn continuously for 120min.

With your purchase you also get the SolderPro 100K 4-in-1 kit. A soldering iron, blow torch, heat blower, and hot knife make up this kit. These tools are ideal for making electrical improvements, soldering circuitry, and wire repairs. The SolderPro 100K soldering iron is as powerful as a 100W electric soldering iron, the blow torch is perfect for melting hard solder and brazing, the heat blower is a great tool for heat sinking, and the hot knife is designed to cut and cauterize synthetic materials. The SolderPro 100K and the 4-in-1 kit are excellent additions to any electricians or technicians toolset.

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Features and Benefits

  • Tank contains fuel for 120 minutes of operation
  • Comfortable ribbed grip
  • Complete portability
  • Equivalent to a power range from 30 to 100 Watts
  • Automatic Piezo ignition

More Info

 Length: w/cap [w/ soldering tip]233mm (9.2in) [215mm (8.5in)] 
 Weight (when gas-filled)142g 
 Approximate Temperature:
 Soldering Tip250~500C (480~950F) 
 Torch1300C (2400F) 
 Hot Knife200~350C (400~600F) 
 Heat Blower250~500C (480~950F) 
 Gas container capacity20 mL 
 Operating Time (full tank)120min at mid setting 


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