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STI Ready® Firestop Grommet

Description of STI Ready® Firestop Grommet

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Pack of 10 Grommets!

Clean, easy, and affordable alternative to foam or putty firestop products for single cable penetration! Just drill a hole in rated gypsum board walls and STI Ready® Firestop Grommets snap over cables to fit directly inside. The product's soft foam inner core creates a tight smoke-seal. Can be used for single-sided (membrane) penetration or through-penetration (back-to-back). Exceptional flame and heat resistance from Ultem® premium grade plenum-rated polymer mold.

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Features and Benefits

  • Snaps together for quick and easy application
  • Can be used with cables already installed
  • Extraordinary heat and flame resistance from premium, plenum-grade material

More Info

STI Ready® Firestop Grommet Product Data Sheet

Color Red
Weight0.01 lbs (5g)
Shelf Life
Plenum Grade
V.O.C. Content
Leakage Rating
Less Than 1 CFM (ANSI/UL1479)
In-Service Temp
<130°F (54°C)


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