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STI SpecSeal® LC Series Endothermic Sealant

STI Series LC Endothermic Sealant 10.5 ounce tube.

Description of STI SpecSeal® LC Series Endothermic Sealant

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Meeting ASTM E814(UL1479) and ASTM E119 requirements, STI SpecSeal LC Endothermic Sealant is a safe-to-use water based firestop device made to seal penetrations while keeping fire, smoke, toxic fumes and water from passing.

Using a High Solids Formula, series LC firestop sealant will attach to all construction surfaces and will not shrink when it dries.

A premium latex binder allows STI endothermic sealant the flexibility to easily fill penetrations while working with caulk guns, trowels or putty knives.

*Contains no asbestos, inorganic fibers or solvents.


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