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SafCord Carpet Cord Cover

SafCord Carpet Cord Cover

Description of SafCord Carpet Cord Cover

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Utilizing the hook and loop method which runs along the 2 edges of the SafCord cable cover, this will provide you with the perfect solution to covering those cords and cables that extend along your carpeting or rugs.

Works best on non-cut pile carpets such as Berber and loop carpet and also works well with commercial grade rugs and carpets.

Made of durable Cordura Nylon, the patented SafCord carpet cord cover is also flexible enough to be used on sloped or curved surfaces. Stairs are also no problem as the SafCords's (aka Safe Cord Cover) low profile is designed to prevent tripping and slipping hazards. More importantly, no need to move when vacuuming!

Available in 3 sizes to accommodate your specific needs, you won't need to use any additional adhesive taping, such as duct tape, which can leave a sticky residue on your carpeting. Can also be cut to a desired length by the end user, the SafeCord cable covers are also washable and reusable and can be removed with ease without damaging the carpet or rug surface below.

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Features and Benefits

  • SAFCORD is the only non-adhesive solution for securing cords and cables to carpet and rugs
  • Perfect for use in stairways, hallways, office workstations, conference rooms, tradeshow booths, and doorways
  • Low profile which 'hugs' the surface beneath it which alleviates tripping
  • Washable and reusable
  • The patented SAFCORD is made of durable, industrial grade Cordura Nylon
  • Tunnel like construction allows for users to reposition cords and cables as needed


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Works like a charm! 1/9/2017
Reviewed by: Tom from Sherwood, AR.
This is my second SafCord cord cover. I bought one and liked it so much I wanted more to cover microphone cables. Works just as described! Very pleased with the product.
SAFCO Cord Covers 10/26/2016
Reviewed by: Suzette Reasoner from SCC Newport Center.
Recently purchased this product for use in classrooms and we are really impressed with how well it adheres to the floor and stays put. Totally reduced the danger of students tripping over cords running across the classroom floor.
SafCord 9/26/2016
Reviewed by: Eric Bottge from Allentown Pa.
We used SafCord to cover and secure exposed telecom wires running across the floor. They are now secured tight and the SafCord can be pulled up and the wires repositioned. Perfect for the application.
Great product 9/16/2016
Reviewed by: Casey from St. Louis, Missouri.
I recommend this product. It is a fair price and great quality. You can easily cut the strip to fit the specific length you may need. I wish I had known about it sooner!
Great Brand. Quick Shipping. Awesome Quality 8/12/2016
Reviewed by: Demetrius from Wisconsin.
I purchased the SafCord Carpet Cord Cover a couple of weeks ago for my office area at work and it fit perfectly. I was able to cut it in places to obtain the best fit and had no problems at all. Its really easy to use and I definitely appreciate the speed of delivery. I look forward to making other purchases from Electriduct in the future. Thank you!
Replaced nasty Rubber with SafCord Cover 7/24/2016
Reviewed by: JPH from HOUSTON.
We had to lay several more lines on top of a carpet to a desk and the rubber cord cover could not take another line so we pulled it up and it left a nasty double sided tape residue. We replaced it with the SafCord Cover which went down in the same place covering the tape we could not pull up and it is working great. What a fabulous product, sits lower that the rubber and no one has tripped over it. So easy to install.
Great Stuff 3/7/2016
Reviewed by: Kathleen from Kissimmee.
This is a wonderful invention. Wish I had found it earlier . Wish the brown color had been a little lighter but then it may have shown the dirt. Helped tremendously in being able to place our floor lamps so we could see. Would highly recommend.
Time saver 3/7/2016
Reviewed by: Betti Hargen from Bradenton.
Several times a year I have to set-up 100 laptops in a room for testing. In the past I have had to use duct tape to secure all the cords and block off aisles to avoid someone stepping on them. This cord cover is amazing. Not only did it save me time by not having to tape everything, it also made the area more accessible. I would definitely purchase this again.
Great idea! 11/6/2015
Reviewed by: Pam from Port Huron, MI.
Our IT dept used a short length of this cord cover in a conference room and I knew I had to get more. Gaffers tape can get expensive and is a hassle for meeting setups. This is an awesome product!
Finally, a clean and safe look for our conference room 8/22/2014
Reviewed by: Tom Larsen from Lehi, UT.
For years I've been using the vinyl "hump" type of cord covers to run power and network cables from the wall to under the conference table. They move everytime someone moves a chair or walks over them. This twists and destroys the cords, looks terrible and creates a safety issue. I tried the SafCord hook cover in one room, and it's perfect. Our carpet is a very low loop grey striped pattern that runs 4 inches up the wall. SafCord bends right up the wall for a finished look. Loved by all.


Works on loop carpet, commercial grade rugs, and Berber carpet
SafCord will not work with cut pile carpet

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