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Hook Self Closing Braided Wrap

Gray and Black Self Closing Braided Wrap

Description of Hook Self Closing Braided Wrap

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Light weight, loose weave and provides exceptional abrasion resistance, our Self Closing Braided Wrap is great for the manufacturing industry where tough and durable protection is needed.

This side-entry braided sleeving design is coiled and heat treated to self wrap around wires and tubes without any added straps such as cable ties, velcro or heat shrink. The loose weave allows for great flexibility to contour cable runs with a sharp bend radius.

With a 25% overlap and continuous slit opening, cable breakouts, removing and adding cables at any time is possible inspections and maintenance.

Material: Polyester
Operating Range: -50C - 150C
Melt Point: 250 -/+ 5C
Flammability: VW-1
Certificate: RoHS, Halogen Free

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Features and Benefits

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Self closing Braided sleeving 8/31/2016
Reviewed by: Bobby from PA.
Great product and easy to use.
Self Closing braded wrap 4/25/2016
Reviewed by: David from Rio Linda, Ca.
This is a great product for sanitizing your wiring! I build classic hotrods and use this exclusively!!
Good Product 10/2/2014
Reviewed by: K L from PA.
Just as expected
Self Closing wrap stays closed 6/13/2014
Reviewed by: DanS from Boulder, CO.
I evaluated this self-closing wrap and found that it stays closed very well even when tightly bending the filled cable. It is easy to apply even without the tool, but for production efficiency I would recommend purchasing the installation tool too.



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