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ThermoFlow Solder Wire

Lead Free (Sn99.3/0.7) and Leaded (63/37, 60/40) solder in different diameters and weights.
from $1.66

Helping Hands Magnifing Glass with LED Lights and Soldering Station

from $14.99

Long Trigger Glue Guns - Electriduct

from $16.99

Adjustable Temperature Soldering Pots - Electriduct

from $22.99

Lead Free Solder Wire

from $13.99

Soldering Iron and Sets

from $9.46

Temperature Controlled Soldering Station

from $18.97

MGC No-Clean Leaded Solder

For a no mess, no fuss project, MG Chemicals No-Clean Leaded Solder gets the job done.
from $2.98

MGC Lead-Free Solder with Silver

Lead-Free Solder is safer to use and with an addition of silver, it's much more powerful than leaded solder.
from $5.51

MG Chemicals Lead Free Solder sn96

Lead-free solder is the same as leaded solder, just safer and maybe even a little stronger.
from $6.02

MG Chemicals Heavy Duty Flux Remover

Quickly removes all (non)ionic soils found after soldering.
from $16.02

MG Chemicals Lead-Free Solder Sn99

Lead-Free solder is safer to use, emits no vapors, and has a no-clean flux core.
from $17.95

Solder-It SOLDERPRO 70 and Solderpro 70 Kit

The Solder-It SOLDERPRO 70 and Solderpro 70 Kit go hand-in-hand for delivering excellent performance in home and industrial work environments.For Soldering, Heat Gun and Hot Knife.
from $39.99

SolderPro 180 Multifunction Soldering Gun

The SolderPro 180 is a multifunction hand torch; it's not one, not two, but four tools in one. For Soldering, Heat Gun and Hot Knife.
from $134.99
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