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Speed Nubs Safety Bump Rumble Strips

Description of Speed Nubs Safety Bump Rumble Strips

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Bring attention and slow vehicle traffic down using the Speed Nub Safety Bump Rumblestrips. Made from rubber (yellow sections and recycled rubber (black section), this speed bump rumble strip is designed with a low profile (1/2" height) to prevent vehicle damaged while the black and yellow color combination displays a traditional caution notification.

Preferred for low speed environments such as schools, shopping centers, business and private parking lots, Speed Nub Safety Bumps can add rows of bumps to match the level of caution that drivers need around certain areas.

Each Speed Nub Kit contains two 19.5" sections (1 black and 1 yellow) totaling a 39" speed bump and (8) 3" spikes. Because each kit comes with one black and one yellow piece, designing custom caution layouts is possible.

*Depending on where the Speed Nub is installed, other mounting hardware may be needed.

Choose the standard kit colors (black and yellow) or form solid color speed nubs like all black or all yellow for specific jobs or preference.

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Features and Benefits

  • Each section is 19.5" L x 4" W x 1/2" H
  • Potential Uses: Slow down traffic, increase traction & draw attention where needed
  • 10 Ton Load Capacity


Speed nubs 9/26/2014
Reviewed by: Robin Thomas from Fairview Oregon.
I bought one set quite some time ago and I like them I will be buying some more very soon. these are great for the price

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Screwed in:
  1. Place Speed Nubs on the floor and mark the location for the holes
  2. Drill the holes
  3. Place the Speed Nubs matching the holes and install the screws.


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