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Voice/Data Modular Jack Wall Plates - Stainless Steel - Loaded

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Description of Voice/Data Modular Jack Wall Plates - Stainless Steel - Loaded

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In order to obtain high performance from your phone or data systems you need to make sure that your RJ11 and RJ45 connectors on your Cat3, Cat5, and Cat6 cables plug properly to their responding ports. Using these preloaded Voice/Data Modular Jack Wall Plates will unsure you that your connections will be correct every time.

These Voice/Data Modular Jack Wall Plates are designed with a low-profile, highly durable stainless steel frame and preloaded with Rj11 and Rj45 ports to quickly add additional ports to your telephone and data networks. Different prewired cabling options are available to meet all your cabling requirements whether T568A or T568B standards. You can obtain these preloaded stainless steel wall plates with anywhere from 1 through 6 prewired ports in 1 gang or 2 gang widths.

Whether connecting 1 or many computers to this Voice/Data Modular Jack Wall Plate, an elegant touch will be added to your home, hospital, laboratory, or office walls.

All products are custom made, we only give RMA for defective material.

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Features and Benefits

  • Use with RJ11 and RJ45 connectors
  • Compact design
  • Tough Stainless Steel frame
  • Add ports to any network in seconds
  • Engineered in the USA


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