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VELCRO Hook and Loop Tape

For use with most carpets, safely stick and remove cable covers and more.
from $0.65

Double Sided Adhesive Tape

Permanent or removable Double Coated polyester film.
from $1.00

Electrical Tape

Electrical Tape - It's not just for electricians anymore!
from $1.99

Hazard Safety Tape

The world is a dangerious place, a little notification with Hazard Safety Tape can make the difference.
from $1.99

Duck Aluminum Metal Repair Tape

Perfect for the repairs of metal, auto and aluminum, Duck® Aluminum Metal Repair Tape promises to “protect”, “seal” and “repair”.
from $2.64

Professional Electrical Tape

from $3.99

General Purpose Masking Tape

from $4.50

Professional Painter's Tape

from $4.75

Pro Splice Vinyl Tape

Capable of withstanding high volumes of pedestrian traffic, our Pro Splice Vinyl Tape was fabricated to OSHA's marking safety standards. Works great for splicing newly laid vinyl floor or for simple color coding.
from $5.06

Duck Double-Sided Duct Tape

With a name brand name like Duck Tape, you know its strong and reliable.
from $5.36

Duck® Clear Duct Tape

The Clear Duct Tape is made with a synthetic rubber adhesive that is known for it's high tacking ability.
from $5.50

Basic Strength Utility Duck Tape

from $5.50

All-Purpose Strength Duck Tape

from $5.50

Kapton Polyimide Film Tape with Silicone Adhesive

from $5.95

Duck Professional Duct Tape

If you’re looking for a duct tape that provides extra strength and performance, then the Duck® Professional Duct Tape is what we recommend.
from $6.37

Clean Release Multiple Surfaces Painter's Tape

from $6.50

Silicone Rubber X-TREME® Tape

from $6.82

Standard Packaging Tape

from $6.95

Loctite Power Grab Tape

No screws, no nails, no problem! The Loctite® Power Grab Tape is like having a nail and hammer on a roll.
from $7.41

Extra Wide Duck Tape

The Super Wide Duct Tape is a wider then the original size tape.
from $11.06

E-Z Stick Drywall Finishing Tape

DIY project drywall tape.
from $11.18

Permacel 665 Gaffer's Tape

The 665 Gaffer’s Tape is considered to be the leader in its field due its quality and its multitude of uses. Traditionally used in theater, television and film productions due to its multi-purpose characteristics usage – what can’t it do?!
from $12.75

Duck HVAC Rigid Fiberglass Tape

For use with rigid fiberglass ducts.
from $16.95

Thermo-Shield Tape

High temperature resistand adhesive tape that wraps around cables for extra protection.
from $19.99

Tunnel Tape

Our Tunnel Tape utilizes patented technology: adhesive lines only the outer edges of the tape which creates an adhesive-free tunnel-like space for your cables and cords. And just as important, Tunnel Tape doesn’t have the ‘leave behind’ adhesive residue that is common with other tapes.
from $21.00

Cable Path Tape

The patented Cable Path™ Tape is very convenient in that it is hand tearable but also durable and strong enough to corral your wires and cables. Made of vinyl coated cloth tape, with adhesive lined edges, tunnel-like (non-adhesive) middle allows for great ease of pull through and/or repositioning of your wires and cables as needed.
from $27.75

TURBO Tape - Silicone Rubber Tape

from $203.14
Adhesive tape can be one of many varieties of backing materials coated with an adhesive. With a wide selection to choose from, we offer tapes that come in a mixture of different shapes , sizes and colors. Several types of adhesives tapes can be used for different applications.

Some of our tapes that we sell offer a liner side, which is a controlled tack system for easy removal with no residue. The double-sided tape comes in handy with some of our cord covers, so when ordering the tape, be sure to look at some of the plastic cord covers

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